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Is my macbook battery wearing to fast?

Asked by marabu (30points) September 16th, 2007

I have my macbook for about 11 weeks now, and the battery health according to my “istatpro” is on 94% (It was on 95% then I did a recalibration). I think that went rather fast.. is that normal?

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Simply put, yes, although that figure from istat pro may be wrong. Wednesday will mark a year with my macbook, and according to istat pro my battery is at 99%. Call apple and if you’re really concerned about it have them run tests or whatever. How long does your battery last unplugged after it’s fully charged? Mine lasts about 3.5 hours with a bunch of stuff running, including downloads.
Hope this helps.

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Your battery health sounds like it’s in the normal range.

Battery wear tends to come from cycles rather than from time. Check to find out how many cycles you have (in iStatPro or in System Profiler). Apple’s specs indicate your battery should retain at least 80% of its capacity after 300 cycles.

You can always call AppleCare (or stop by an Apple Store) and see whether they think your battery is aging faster than spec. Don’t wait until you get to 300 cycles, as you’ll most likely be out of warranty by then.

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I bought my MacBook in June of 06 and, according to istat, my battery health is 94%. In system profiler, it says my battery has 105 cycles on it. I would head over to the store and see if they’ll do anything for you.

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just to bring closure to the topic: I called the apple support and they told me it’s perfectly normal, though it should stay at this percentage for the next 2–3 years…

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