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Anyway To Get Paint Out Of My Carpet?

Asked by desiree333 (3241points) January 2nd, 2009

Just recently painted my room, and there are some paint splotches that are bothering me. (im kind of a neat freak) Im not sure how/ if I can get this paint out of my carpet. Help?

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Paint the rest of the carpet that same color, then call the carpet something fancy everytime someone sees the room. If the paint is dry, good luck.

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Yeah the paint is dry

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Believe it or not, lighter fluid does the trick (of course, open the window, and use it by applying a small amount to a dry rag, and then rubbing it vigorously…that or you douse it and light the carpet on fire, I tried the former, but whichever method works for you…).

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Is it latex or oil based paint?

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@buster latex paint.

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Be careful with the lighter fluid. Test in a corner, most carpets are synthetic and it could melt it. There is a product called OOPS. You can get at most grocery or hardware stores. I always test it first but I have never had a bad reaction. It smells a bit so open a window. Good Luck!!

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