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Should Windows Vista buyers get a free upgrade to Windows 7 or a discount since Vista was such a great disapointment?

Asked by seVen (3486points) January 2nd, 2009 from iPhone
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No. We payed for it and didn’t wait. How would a company make money if they gave their new product away for free?

Usually an upgrade is cheaper than just buying the retail version of the OS, so you won’t be paying full price.

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Well, you can kinda get “it” for free

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The beta builds are free, anyway. I’m running it as I type this now. The beta becomes disabled at the end of July =(

It is amazing! I loved Vista (My Pc is a 5.9 out of 5.9 on the rating system) and I love 7 Even more! It uses less than 1gb of my ram, rather than the 2.5gb vista ate up. It is faster, and more polished. Can’t wait to see the retail version.

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No, it’s… no lol it doesn’t work like that.

Plus everyone that got windows ME thinking it was going to be great were disappointed (ME was the WOOOORST OS I’ve personally ever tried, even playing media player would crash the whole system sometimes).

But what was ME?
Millennium Edition Windows was the GREATEST thing windows could have put out. You can read all of the hatemail and whatnot about ME for eternity, but there’s one aspect no one really ever got to see.
ME was the only reason XP was such a good OS in the end. ME set the base for XP, so thanks to the world’s worst OS, it created the world’s greatest OS (well.. besides windows 3, 3 still holds world’s most used and best OS built ever.. internally that is)

Vista is the ME of Windows 7, 7 isn’t going to be all that good until about a 4 years’ run, as XP was, XP was nothing amazing at first, it was buggy, not fast at all.. it had a rough start as any OS does.

It’s just another OS, gotta pay for it.

I’ve beta tested 7 in my laptop for a night once, I enjoyed it a lot, but there wasn’t a significant.. anything to make me be like I MUST have. I’ll admit I really did enjoy 7 and really would like to have it, but my Vista is… nothing short of perfect, never has any issues or anything, and once SP2 comes out, it’ll have the same battery life as windows 7 and plenty of other stuff windows 7 has internally.

@Eambos, Vista doesn’t use ram like a lot of people think, it wasn’t eating it alive, Windows 7 just doesn’t use your ram like vista does, 7 uses ram like XP does meaning.. it doesn’t use it, so you have to wait longer for stuff to be loaded into it.

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@XC I know about the RAM, just trying to make a statement, lol. When you have 8gbs, you really don’t max it out unless you’re running photoshop, after effects and Crysis all at the same time.

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lol I understand I thought it was going to be the same as Vista too when I booted up 7 and i ctrl shift esc (for those that don’t know that immediately brings up task manager! I didn’t know that one till about 2 months ago after having Vista for .. nearing on 2 years now)

I looked at it for a second I was like.. wait a tick… lol

owell I won’t care soon, I’m going to upgrade to 4GB from 2 here on my laptop within the next few weeks hurray! Christmas present to myself #2!

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OMG, thank you for that shortcut! For the last year i’ve been ctrl – alt – deleteing and then selecting task manager. You just made my day!

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Nope. Its not their fault that you bought a crappy OS.

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@eambos lol you’re welcome I try to tell everyone I can, since I heard about it I haven’t ctrl alt deleted since!

@justn, uhh, how many times ever do you get to chose which OS you want in a new computer unless you go out and buy XP anyway which… is done, XP isn’t going anywhere anymore, plus, vista isn’t bad at all I love it, then again not many people realize I’m running vista cause it’s modified out the butt

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I believe it should be a free upgrade to those who do have windows vista. Windows Vista was just as bad as Windows ME. It took almost two years until a Service Pack came out for Windows Vista. It caused a lot of trouble for many people and with that said, Microsoft should act ethical and offer Windows 7 as a free upgrade.

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