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Are there some fluther users mad at fluther newbies?

Asked by cornets_01 (87points) January 3rd, 2009

i read a post one day. and and the talk was quite sensitive about newbies. I’m also a fluther newbie.

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I’m a newbie,and i’m mad.

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I don’t think we’re mad, or hold grudges for the most part. I have one user that I can’t stand. But that’s just cause they constantly remind me of someone I know in real life. Can’t avoid it, I don’t pick on them or anything but they do annoy me. Usually, I think we just get upset at certain behaviors, not necessarily the user themselves. The previous post was more about behaviors that upset us, not a gripefest about particular users.

I don’t think you’ve pissed anyone off, so no worries for ya. :)

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Don’t worry about it cornets. People who’ve been here awhile sometimes like to pick on the newer folks as a way to make themselves feel like they’re part of the inner circle.

I love to see new folks here. Not everyone who shows up is a good fit, and there certainly is an awkward period of time at the beginning of most new users’ Fluther life while they learn the customs, but without a steady infusion of new blood here it would become very boring indeed not to mention that we’d all soon max-out on lurve.

Just ignore the puffery and hang in there.

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You have my stamp of approval, but I don’t really matter.

The only thing that is a little annoying is when they don’t see what Fluther is about before asking a question. I was guilty of this at first. I looked a little bit, but it took me a day or two to get the feel of fluther. I think if you are “true of heart” you will stay. Others tend to get scared off.

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i see.. hehe ^_^
that’s really amazing.
i’m getting a grip of everything.
thanks a lot to you (yeah, everyone who expressed their ideas)

>oasis: why are you mad?

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I can’t speak for the collective, but in my own case, newbies are great when they represent a new area of expertise or knowledge, or supply another thoughtful point of view. Newbies are frustrating when they don’t bother to look around and see how the system works, can’t be bothered to type in anything but “text-speak”, or post moronic responses just to hear themselves speak.

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I prefer to read a post with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. I prefer to answer questions that you can’t spend five seconds googling and get the answer to. Noobies are the most often offenders. Therefore, noobs do probably cause me more instantaneous cringe type irritation.

I’ll answer their questions and have them answer mine with kinship if they don’t violate bodyhead’s fluther constitution.

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Check out Ben and Andrew's guidelines:

They are clear, well-written, and whimsical and explain how the system works.

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If you really get stuck,you can ask me.
I’m a little crazy but in a good way.

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>oasis: it’s alright. I’ll check on to that later.

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What?are you declining help from the king of new wave of fluthrites!Guards!take her to the Tower!Off with her head!

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@oasis: Why do you not own a space bar?

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>asmonet: right.. haha nice strike.

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Newbie power!

There is always the awkward time of adjustment in which new users squeeze into the group and older users shuffle around to make room for them. Toes may get stepped on, but it’s nothing personal.

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I am one of the members who have been here a long time. Occasionally newbies piss me off a lot. People need to search fluther before asking a question. People need to google things first. And I’m not gonna do anyone’s homework.

So yes. Some of the newbies piss me off. I don’t judge people based on their score… I just don’t like stupid people. Regardless if that’s someone who’s been here forever, or someone who’s new.

There. I said it.

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@Cornets Hang in there….

Like any site, there are people who feel the need to put others down to make themselves feel better….about themselves.

Sometimes newcomers are easier targets (just like the new kid at school). Sometimes the newcomers make themselves easier targets by using textspeak, asking questions that are easy to “google”, etc.

Without new people a site would stagnate. New people are needed, whether everyone wants to admit it or not….

Welcome to Fluther and enjoy!

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I suppose as with any group of people – even virtual ones – there will be a bit of ‘storming’, testing bounderies and each other….
Personally I don’t find ‘tenure’ on fluther to determine my ppnion if posts or posters one way or the other. Sometimes you like what someone else says, sometimes you don’t. That’s all there us to it (at least for me)

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>shading21: i get that. really?i encountered some of the old users who does..

>perchik: amen to that.

>snoopy: I know. I’ve encountered some people who are unknowingly stepping on someone’s idea (in which, they don’t know how to accept nor entertain others perception towards the matter). Ergo, it makes them feel awful. No heart feelings :)
But some old users (until know) doesn’t double check their answers, if they used the appropriate words.. thus, it really sounds harsh to the one adjusting. you get what I mean, don’t you? but hey, thank you.. I really appreciate your thought.

>wildflower: no heart feelings, but on what basis do you answer some questions?

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@cornets: if I think I can offer constructive input, in the form of experience, knowledge, opinion or thought (sometimes to provoke additional/different views or directions), I will.
Admittedly there are also times I just can’t help adding some nonsensical jibberish – I try to keep that to the less serious Q’s though :)

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>wildflower: i see. thanks for your opinion. i really appreciate it. seriously.

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@asmonet,i have said before regarding space bars,we once opened one,unfortunately we had to close it because it had no atmosphere.

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@oasis, you may be “mad” alright, but there are different kinds of “mad… ~ ;)

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@bythebay,i’m the other kind.

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@oasis – I figured as much.

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@bythebay,i thought so.

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>oasis: I like this crowd. :)

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Me too,just watch your step or it’s the TOWER for you!

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>oasis: haha. let me ask, just curious.. are you meant to be funny?or just playing sarcastic?don’t get me wrong.. to clear things up..

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What,can you not smell the serious undertones?

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Don’t sweat it. Even the veterans were newbies once. =)

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In August I arrived with a lot of other refugees. We knew the protocols but we talked a lot about our exile and THAT pissed off a lot of Fluthorites. Cooler heads prevailed and things settled down.

The newbie mistake I see is again the “fools rush in” scenario when somone asks what is meant to be provocative question but is really just blatantly dumb. Usually I just skip those because they will get nuked without me. Occasionally I will check out the profile to see who it is.

A couple weeks ago I looked a poster up who had joined 13 days before and had asked 14 questions while only answering 4. So I posted an answer and he responded it was the best FU answer he had ever gotten…exactly what I wanted to convey.

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>allie: i get it.,

>oasis: obviously, i know. :)

>galileogirl: well..

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@cornets_01: Most of the time if the newbie takes the energy to absorb a little of the culture here, they’re welcomed with open arms—much more so than in other online communities.

We had a little push back against new members when we were listed as the top iPhone social networking app last march and we went from ~30 questions a day to over 200, most of them about the iPhone SDK.

You’ll find that Fluther, on the whole, is a very welcoming place.


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Thanks and good to know Andrew, because I’m sure I pissed off quite a few with my Q & A’s…I think. Can’t we all just get along? :P

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One of the good things about Fluther growing so quickly is that you can avoid a user that annoys you easily. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable in a question, you can simply go to another one.

Once you get the feel for the site, you can add people you want to follow to your fluther. You’ll be able to participate in the type of questions that interest you, and get to know fellow members with like interests. You will also get to know the members and their personality types in time.

Some members are for the most part very serious and want to mainly have intelligent conversations, while some others seem to ask questions simply to gain attention. We have our ‘brainiacs’, and our ‘class clowns’. We also have people here with hearts of gold who strive to be helpful and understanding.

It’s good to grow a thick skin while getting to know us, because you may be teased light heartedly, or someone may get snarky with you at some point, but rest assured, the mods here stay on top of things, and you can feel free go to them at any time if you have any problems. Rest assured that trouble makers don’t last long here.

This site will teach you, make you laugh, tug at your heart strings, and challenge you. If you choose to stick around long enough You will see why so many of us love it so much.

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Yes, some (but only some)newbies think that they are totally in charge. Now I am not saying I am in charge, but they are bossing me around and calling me names. It’s terrible! Good question.

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But I am still kind of a newbie myself so maybe It’s me… blushes

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@90’s kid: May I ask whose calling you names and why?

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@90s_kid if someone is calling you names, you can always bring it to the mods attention. they are pretty good at making unruly members behave.

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Scamp: Between your comment and Richard’s comment about sit downs,
the moderators are starting to sound like the underground mafia.
They’re going to knock you around a bit until you’re good little, pizzo-paying, shop owners.

Okay, I really need to stop watching The Sopranos.

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@Nimis You talkin to me???

You talkin to me???

You talkin to me???

Let’s go for a little ride. I can give you a great deal on some uh… shoes….. heh heh heh.

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[enrolls in the witness jelly protection program]

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:) ahaha.. thanks everyone for each opinions you post here.

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