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The song is "Cool Blue Reason" by Cake. What's your interpretation of it?

Asked by Sakata (3340points) January 9th, 2009

Basically, what’s the song about?

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Well it’s a calm song, but dark. It initially makes me think he’s writing as he says “pours on the page”. He seems to be detained, or in jail. Hence the reference to his colleagues and enemies. But why are his daughters and wife in different places? Maybe he’s having a nightmare, because he says 8 more hours to go…but then again, that’s a lot of sleep. I just don’t know! Didn’t the Eurythmics have a song Cool Blue? Cool Blue makes me think of cold & detached feelings. What do you think it means @Sakata?

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I’ve had a lot of theories but there’s always something else in the song to contradict each one. Mafia, prison, corporate exec, hitman, dream, etc. It’s definitely one of my favorite Cake songs in part because of it’s clouded message.

I understand that not every song has to actually tell a story or even make sense, but this one is… just can’t figure out exactly what it’s saying.

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