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What are "must do things' in Boston in December for 20 somethings?

Asked by vered4 (60points) November 17th, 2006
We have a group of 14 family members going to Boston at the end of December - staying in Back Bay. We are looking for cool things (modestly priced) to do for those in their 20's. Any suggestions??
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The aquarium rocks. There's also a great walking tour--it would be a bit nippy, but it's incredibly fun.
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Ice skating is the commons could be fun.
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Visit the Maparium at the Christian Science Monitor Building (across from Symphony Hall). It's free, beautiful, and a fun space to experience with a group.
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What IS the Maparium??
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Wally's Jazz club on Mass Ave and Columbus. Any night open jazz and funk bands from Berk. Midnight pizza, coffee and canoles in the North End. An arugula salad at the B-Side lounge. Chocolate mice at Burdick chocolates in harvard sq. A show at ART in cambridge. A Noam Chomsky lecture...he's always talking about something.

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