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As president of my high school class, am I required to organize our 10 year reunion?

Asked by kyen (29points) November 17th, 2006
I'm less than thrilled to return to those days.
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Yes, or find someone else to do it
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I don't think you are obligated...but it would be nice if you did it anyhow! Why are you 'less than thrilled?' It would seem that would be a good memory! Do you know another former alum who might do it??
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It is part of the deal. If you don't want to plan it, than I would contact the VP to organize it.
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The president of my class NEVER organized the reunion. I don't know that he even ever came! All of our reunions have been organized by a class member that still lives in the area and anyone else who wants to help. As a matter of fact, NO class officers participated ever!
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I think the President gets to order the other members of the administration to do the organizing, etc. Tell the secretary to do it.
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I vote you call the school, and get someone there to find someone for you - just tell them you have smallpox, and are incapable to perform said duties. ;)
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On who's authority, matt? Kyen, did they tell you in 12th grade that this would be part of the job?

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