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How are you celebrating January, 20, 2009 (serious only please)?

Asked by caly420 (546points) January 16th, 2009

So, I know people will be hosting obama inauguration parties; how are you decorating, what are you providing for food-entertainment?

I’m looking for some fun, funky, creative ideas :)

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I’m celebrating the fact I’ll be going back to America in less than a month… FOR TWO WHOLE MONTHS :D:D:D

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ha thats great dude?

so far all i’‘ve come up with are Sloppy Joes (Bidens) and Chenney Shooters (tequila shots)

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Probably watch the festivities and toast the new era with champagne. Kind of like New Years.

No… wait… anniversary is the 19th, we’ll be out of champagne. Better make it scotch.

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I’m going to an inauguration party where the theme will be all-American – hot dogs, apple pie etc., red, white and blue food and a lot of champagne.

GQ. I’m going to see if I can find some fireworks, and am currently trying to think of something clever to bring, food-wise. I’m interested to see what others contribute to this thread! I may start looking through Fourth-of-July links for ideas too.

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We are having a breakfast potluck and will be streaming the inaugural ceremonies on a projector. There will be breakfast burritos and mimosas!

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I know my calc teacher canceled class on account of the inauguration, so I’m going to sleep in until 11 or so, and then get lunch. TV will stay off for the rest of the day.

That’s my way of “celebrating”.

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I’m throwing 3 parties at key spots around Portland. If youlive here let me know. I’ll tell you where they are at.

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I’m going to get up early (West Coaster here) to watch the inauguration. Then I’m going to write a paper about it for my Political Sociology class. And then I’m going to go to school since it’s still a regular day after all. And when I get to my Pol. Soc. class we’ll probably talk more about the inauguration. And I’ll be happy about all of this because Jan. 20th will be a good day. No kidding, I’ll really be happy. Well, maybe not so happy about the waking up early part, but the rest is all good.

P.S. – I wish someone would make me a breakfast burrito.

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It’s at noon in my time zone, so my workplace is having an “American” themed lunch for us. There will be hot dogs and apple pie and the swearing-in on the big TV in the eating area.

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I will be watching the inauguration. And trying to use it to recharge my sense of hope for my situation as well as those around me.

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I expect to be watching during the day since I am still on semester break, then getting together at night with friends for watching together and a celebratory takeout dinner. (I duuno, is Chinese or pizza more “American”?)

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