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What will be the key to a sucessful Barak presidential term?

Asked by pekenoe (1396points) January 17th, 2009

Obama has his plate full. He’s going to need the congress, his family, a majority of the population, foreign leaders and God on his side to pull this off, IMO. It appears to me if he can maintain the popular fervor and support (rock star status) that he currently has, he may be able to do it. It’s a long shot in my book, but I wish the guy luck.

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Remaining central. His time in the senate has given him the extreme leftist label. If he wants to keep the masses happy he needs to remain more central. So far IMO he has but he’s not in office yet either.

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good spelling

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Humility. Seems to be the first thing that burns off in the fire of politics.

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God on his side? I didn’t know God chose sides.

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Well scuse me

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just dont screw up like the last guy did….ya know, that is good advise for anyone following a screwup in relationships, work, school….whatever

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