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What does "treating you like gold" entail?

Asked by AlfredaPrufrock (9394points) January 17th, 2009

Another question has me thinking about this possible source of differences in a relationship. Two parts:
1. What would a SO have to do for you for you to describe a person as having “treated you like gold”?
2. What have you done for a SO that you you would describe as having “treated that person like gold”?

Would it primarily entail sex, or is there more to it?

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No way… really?

and FYI, me and her never had sex, never even kissed.

ya want my answer, you know where to find it…

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Sex wasn’t even on my top ten! (maybe I’m just getting old.)
When my husband treats me like “gold” he is considerate of my feelings, puts my wants and needs ahead of his, and sometimes it even involves gold. He showers me with gifts and says things like “What Judi wants Judi gets,” and actually follows through.
I complained about the lack of light over the mirror in my bedroom. I only griped once and he was at Home Depot with a light to install and had it in within 48 hours of my “complaint.” My brother happened to be visiting from out of state. he said, “I learned something from Jeff. When my wife nags it makes me less likely to want to do things. Jeff doesn’t ever let you nag, he just does it. ”
That’s treating me like gold!

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Judy’s got it right. It’s when someone treats you like a treasure – like they’re glad to have you around and want you to stay.

My husband is totally considerate in every he can think of, going out of his way to do things for me. If there’s something heavy to carry, he carries it, that sort of thing. He makes me feel valuable and loved.

Feeling valuable and loved makes me want to treat him the same way, so I do things like cook food he likes, give him backrubs when he’s sore, that sort of thing.

You know how when someone treats you like crap, you want to give crap in return? Treating your sweetie “like gold” can do the same thing by making you want to treat each other well, to show appreciation and love and to keep the respect flowing. And hopefully, your SO appreciates it and doesn’t take everything you do for granted.

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@laureth; In public my husband sometimes has ME carry heavy things so he can show off what good shape I’m in. He brags about how strong I am and in a strange way is treating me like gold by saying, “Judi can do that, she’s strong!”

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Aww! That’s cute! And I’m sorry I misspelled your name. By the time I saw that, it was too late to edit.

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I used to get up at 3:30 in the morning to fix my ex breakfast before he left for work. I didnt have to get up til 6:00, but I wanted to do that for him. I also made his lunch while I was up. He did appreciate it.

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@laureth; I’m used to it.

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Here are a few examples of how my SO has treated me like gold:

When we first met, (we are an internet couple) he flew me from Florida to New Jersey, and had a limo waiting at the airport to bring me to his condo while he was out getting a rented RV for a road trip back to Florida.

Last Christmas he took me to New York City to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular, and kept it a sceret until the very last minute.

One Mother’s Day, he took me on a cruise around Manhattan (also a surprise trip)

For my birthday, he took me on a 3 hour dinner cruise.

After my knee surgery, he waited on me hand and foot for several months. He fed me in bed when I couldn’t walk, and even bathed me until I was able to do it for myself. he did this cheerfully without a single complaint the whole time.

Today, my shoulder was very painfull because the cold weather is making the arthritis in it flair, so he drove all the way to work just to rub some Ben Gay on my shoulder for me, and fix a problem I’ve been having with my car door. He’s been out in 3 degree weather for hours trying to get my door to close properly, so I won’t have to strain and slam it any more.

I could go on and on about things he has done for me. In only 6 and 1/2 years, he has spoiled me enough for a lifetime. He really is a prince!! lucky lucky me!!

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@fallenangel, I didn’t mean your situation, but you did get me thinking about the term itself. What does it mean to “treat someone like gold?” I’m trying to figure out if I expect too much out of a relationship.

Thanks, Judi/Scamp/Laureth. Your answers have done a lot for my sense of sanity.

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dont mistake my answers for anger or any such emotion. merely tryin to answer your question in the laziest manner possible.

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My husband makes me feel cherished and safe. He takes me seriously (opinions, knowledge, etc). He never belittles me. He tucks me in for a nap. He cooks wonderful food for me. He is happy for me to do my own thing. In return, I make him feel cherished and emotionally safe. I take him seriously. I never belittle him. I tuck him in at night, rubbing his back until he falls asleep. I make him wonderful sandwiches. I set out his clothes for the next day, and am happy for him to do his own thing.

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@Fallenangel, I don’t at all. You’ve caused me to think in a new way, and that’s such a good thing.

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tryin to be helpful i suppose

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Locking me away in a highly secure underground vault. I’ve honestly never heard this idiom.

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I’d never heard the idiom either, but I took it as more of a metaphor.

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my boyfriend treats me like gold – he makes me feel safe, loved, and respected. after i’ve gotten snuggled into bed and under the covers, he’ll get up to get me a glass of water when i forget it, even if he’s tucked into bed, too.

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