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Fluther on Blackberry?

Asked by seekingwolf (10392points) January 17th, 2009

I’m getting a Blackberry Curve 8900 on T-Mobile soon…I want to view Fluther on my phone’s browser. would the iPhone version work okay on a Blackberry, or is there a another mobile version for Fluther?

You may say “oh don’t bother it’s not a 3G phone” but the Curve 8900 has VERY fast EDGE and has great browsing capabilities. I’d love to surf on it.

Blackberry owners, what do you do to view Fluther in a mobile setting?

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I have a “Work“berry, which was just upgraded to a Curve. It is waaaaaay better than the old one, but there are little things you have to get used to. It doesn’t handle like a desk/laptop, shall we say, but it gets by. I hate it far less than the old one.
You and I may be the only berry-folk on fluther; I think everyone else is an iPhoner.

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I’m surprised! Blackberrys are awesome!

Actually the 8900 web experience is really more like an iPhone, IMO. I played with one and it’s uber fast, almost as much as 3G (because the 8900 utilizes a new technology that handles EDGE differently from previous blackberrys) So I’m very eager to use mine for web use once I get it! Oh, and it also has Wi-Fi, so it can be really fast.

I’m going to try the iPhone page when I get my new Berry, but we’ll see. :)
I would LOVE to see an app though with updates.

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I actually tried to log on to Fluther last night with my Pearl and it was a PITA. I was using the web browser and not an app though.

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I am answering this q right now on my 8900— and as you can see, no problemos. I really like this phone better than the old one. Still has it’s quirks, but much more user-friendly.

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Would you mind telling me some of the quirks/fixes? I JUST ordered my 8900 today and it will be here in about 3 days.

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It’s mostly trackball manipulation issues- click and hold, type click and hold…You’ll find out, and get used to it. The other thing is a connectivity issue- when Fluthering, you will not be able to read your response in the body of the question unless you log out and back in. Also, sometimes the escape key will capriciously send you back to the login screen. Like I said, it’s quirky, but they are quirks you can work through. Let me know how you like it!

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