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I'm afraid I might've had a seizure in my sleep, how could I be more certain before I see a doctor?

Asked by JDUENSKIE (1points) January 22nd, 2009

I woke up with a huge lump/bruise on my chin, the only thing harder than a pillow anywhere I could’ve hit was the windowsill over my bed, but it’s about 1/2 foot above where I rest my head, but still not too close.
I wouldn’t jump to conclusions, but the medication I’m temporarily on can cause seizures, I’m under extreme stress, the twice within the week leading up to the incident i went around 48 without sleeping, I wasn’t eating much at all, and I had hit my head and blacked out a day or two before. I was also very concerned with what I’ve heard about seizures from serious alcohol withdrawl, and considering I quit drinking the day before…?
Anyways I just want to know any/all symptoms.

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Not everyone lies perfectly still while sleeping. You might just be worrying too much.

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Unless you were a hardcore alcoholic, the chance of having a seizure from withdrawal is kind of low. If you just party occasionally, that shouldn’t be a concern. The stress and sleeping patterns seem more likely, as I know I had a manager who had grand mal seizures when she was stress and hadn’t slept. I would speak to your doctor about it as soon as possible. There is a chance however that you bumped it in the night getting up to pee or whatever and were still too tired to remember it.

Regardless, I would go to a doctor. You’re not taking care of yourself, not even a little.

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@jduenskie. Welcome to fluther. I answered a similar question before. While it is possible to have had a seizure, the likelihood is low. The symptoms are not easy to define, because there are different forms of seizures. But, if you notice that you have bitten your tongue, or there are other bruises, or that you wet the bed, then there might be more to your story. Otherwise, it seems most likely that you inadvertently bumped your chin and don’t remember doing it.

As far as alcohol withdrawal seizures, these are possible, but are typically seen only in severe alcoholics with a high level of dependence (as asmonet said). I don’t know your drinking history, so it is possible. Here is a list of other alcohol withdrawal symptoms that typically go hand-in-hand with seizures (which, as I said, I doubt).

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Woo! The doctor said I’m right. Suck on that world.

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What’s worst about my gold ribbon, is when I click to go get it, the internet tells me ‘Access Not Allowed’.


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Weird, it works for me :-P

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Well, I’m giving you a virtual pat on the back, anyway. :-)

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