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Does everybody experience "pee shivers" or is it mostly men?

Asked by stevenb (3826points) January 22nd, 2009

I read in highschool that pee shivers are caused by the rapid loss of heat in the body because of the pee leaving your body. My wife, however, says she doesn’t get them. Do you? Is it possibly related to bladder size?

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A data point. I am a male and have never experienced this.

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What? I’m not familiar with this.

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But your a doctor! You have to know about this! You pee, then you shiver a little bit! Oh, lord, what if I am all alone. I may be the last of the pee shiverers.

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I don’t always get “pee shivers”, but I have experienced them. My hypothesis is that one’s body shivers to try to regain some of the lost heat that was urinated away.

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You are not alone. Oh, and here is more info, though in both cases, I am embarrassed by my citations. Best I could do.

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I have never heard of this. Seems like an insignificant change. The bladder isn’t the main heat source for your body, in fact it’s kind of small. There’s no reason why it releasing it’s contents should make you colder.

ADDED: After looking at Shi’s link…well, damn. Weird.

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@ Vinifera7, That is what I remember reading.

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No, but it could be a sympathetic nervous response to losing a little heat. I have no evidence at all to back that up.

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As always, thank you Shilolo!

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The “Mini Orgasm Theory [sic]” also crossed my mind, but it seems less likely based on anecdotal evidence, having experienced it personally.

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Sounds slightly familiar…

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More info than you’d probably like from me, but I often get shivers shortly after intercourse.

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Isn’t it illegal for you at your age, Chuck?

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fear not, stevenb, for I also experience pee-shivers. Like you, I once thought I was alone, but alas!

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I usually get them late at night or when I’m running a fever. In light of that, the temperature theory (the only real theory I’ve heard) seems to make sense.

Also, considering the equipment and all…do guys miss the bowl when they get piss shivers? Assuming that they don’t usually miss.

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I clean the bathroom, therefore I don’t miss. Ever.

@chuck, wouldn’t those be “woopee!” shivers?

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@stevenb I clean the bathroom, therefore I don’t miss. Ever.

Ha. Great answer.

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I’ve heard these called “The Jimmy Shakes”, though I have no idea where the name came from…

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Oh oh! This happens to me. But I think it’s because a) the relief of urinating and/or b) the fact that I warm the toilet seat to comfortable temperature only when it’s time to get off. :)

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