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What would you do if SWAT busted open your door?

Asked by Jamkas (195points) January 24th, 2009

What would you do if a SWAT team came into your home and your options were go to jail or go down in a hail of gun fire.

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Go to jail then sue the hell out of them. :D

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Ditto. Unreasonable search and seizure.

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Demand to see the search warrant, and then call my lawyer.

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Funny you say that…...

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Put my hands up and stand perfectly still. Let them do whatever they felt they needed to do. Go to jail, call my lawyer and sue the ever-lasting shit out of them.

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Lurve for “ever-lasting shit”. XD

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Flush my stash if I had enough time.

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Honesty is the Best Policy.
So, I’d give up and confess the whole ball of wax.
Then Plead Temporary Insanity. Hey, He started it!!
{they’ve got to find the head though}
Oh!! Horatio, [miami csi] I Knew You Well!!

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I’d start babbling like the chubby kid from the goonies. They’d quickly realize they had the wrong guy.

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tell ‘m “I like You to meet one of My Little Friends!!”

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throw hard drives in microwave

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Actually I didn’t know strippers could show up dressed like SWAT….. until now.

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You’re cool, @augustlan. I’m right behind you.

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@Binary you mean you don’t have teh kill switch in place to kill your ‘puter with thermite? lol link

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I’m not losing my life to a bunch of overzealous, misguided SWAT officers who happened to break into the WRONG house. Of course it’s jail and then serious litigation against the police department and the city and me cursing a blue streak about the f**ked up Patriot Act and my seriously eroded rights that were compromised under George ‘Idiot’ Bushes tenure.

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I would put my hands up because they have guns.

Then I’d burst into tears because guns scare me.

Other than that, I have no idea why they would take me to jail if I’ve done nothing wrong, but I’d sue if they did. Of course I’d sue. Those would be my 4th Amendment rights they’re violating.

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I would freeze. There’s no other choice that I like the outcome of.

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Well the chances of it happening are slim because I haven’t done anything “illegal”. But if I was guilty of something and I knew it I’d probably break down and cry like a little girl.

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Cooperate, cooperate, cooperate, then call my lawyer when it was time for that.

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Offer them cookies.

They difuse any bad situation.

Then I’d follow @susanc and @augustlan‘s advice.

However, since my wife is a law school graduate with a big mouth, she’d probably be going on about our 4th amendment rights and get us shot.

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Sit perfectly still…. Then call their boss….

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I’m not sure they would bust down my door. First, when they came through the gate or over the fence, the motion sensors would turn on the yard lights and the officers would show up on the video monitors — standing very still and listening to the warnings about passive anti-intrusion devices. So I would be on the front porch, calmly offering tea, by the time they made it to the porch stairs.

But second, there’s a pretty powerful house blessing in place; anyone malicious seems to turn into a stumbling, clumsy fool who falls down and hurts himself on various parts of the house. They might not make it up the stairs to the door.

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There’s not usually much of a “choice” of what to do, in my understanding.

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Hmm, the sue happy number of responses here sounds like there really is a problem with unnecessary litigation in America. And I thought IL and Chicago were the only places too full of lawsuit happy people.

Personally, I’d do whatever they said. They have guns and I don’t.

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I would get on the ground with my hands behind my head, while I proceeded to make a mess in my pants.

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Yeah definitely crap my pants then probably go to jail.

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hehe i will die in action…

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They would find my door exceedingly diffcult to break down. I would watch them attempt feebly for a bit over the CCTV, then politely ask them if I there was anything I could help them with over the intercom. IF they made it over the wall to begin with.

I value my security…

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What again…

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@Knotmyday I want security along those lines. Although if I got it by working for my money and not doing things that require swat then I would not need it.

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Smithers, “Release the hounds!”

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prolly shit on myself, then maybe puke.

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Sadly, probably shoot them and hope (afterwards upon realization) they were wearing flak jackets so as not to be killed by my Glock 17. I have tremendous respect for them.

Then, because I had opened fire (unknowingly, of course – remember they surprised me in my home) I would promptly be shot to death by a hail of around 1000 well-aimed SWAT bullets. Sucks big time.

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slip in to a small room behind a false wall and wait for them to go.

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