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On the TV show iCarly, the characters are always wearing shirts that say things like "My Cheese Rules" "Dirty Shirty", and "Ointment 500". All the shirts have a little square and the end of the right sleeve. Anyone know where to get the shirts?

Asked by toomuchcoffee911 (6928points) January 28th, 2009
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Not exactly what I was going for… something less druggy.

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You might try Zazzle or Delias

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You could just put together your own nonsense and iron it onto a shirt. “Super Excavation.” “I Know the Moon.” “Goldilocks 3000.” Go crazy.

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Haha I love iCarly ♥
Sorry I don’t know where the shirts come from.

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It’s possible that the wardrobe is custom made for the show. I’m a silly t-shirt buff myself, and that design doesn’t ring any bells. I’ll have to take another look the next time the show comes on. Which characters?

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Carly Sam spencer freddie…

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Look on more specifically at this link.
The shirts are for the show and they are called penny t’s. (that is what’s on the sleeve)
I hope this helps…I was looking for them too!

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I found the t- shirts at Nick Jr. com…here is the address:

FYI- there are only two available and they are $19.99.

Good luck shopping for the shirts!

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They’re called Penny T’s. They all have a penny sewn onto one of the sleeves.

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These original T’s are unavailable for purchase. Penny T’s can be seen at but it only gives you background on Penny. So until she decides to sell…we can only gaze and amaze.

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Penny is Socko’s cousin. A character. “She” makes the tshirts. They aren’t for sale. Check out Icarly wiki – they have some examples of the shirts and a list of all the sayings.
BOOOO! I want to buy one!

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