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What is your stupid human trick?

Asked by suzyq2463 (2224points) January 28th, 2009

Do you have a totally useless talent that could be classified as a stupid human trick? If so, describe it. Do you entertain others with it? Does it totally embarrass your significant other when you do it?

Mine is being able to do the can-can with my fingers whilst accompanying using only my mouth for a kazoo. It totally embarrasses my husband. I use it in class to break the monotony of my lectures sometimes.

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I can put my legs behind my head. I can make the predator noise, and the grudge noise. I can move my eyes different directions at the same time. I can blow bubbles off my tongue. I think that’s all.

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can tweet like a canary… its quite uncanny. have used it many times for self amusement, much to others expensive (teachers, colleagues etc.)

once i even managed to get one dimwit to believe it was coming out of the ac vent and he stood on his chair in the office to try and see if he could ‘free the poor trapped bird’! much to my and my bosses amusement… =))

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I can pick up anything with my toes.

ok, maybe not a bowling ball

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I am made of useless talent.
Touching tongue to nose, wiggling ears, sticking feet behind head, bending fingers backwards far enough to touch the back of my wrist, double-jointed everywhere, eyeball ping pong, I can pat my head and circle my tummy, I can growl like a pissed off cat, hoot like an owl, make a noise like wind through a cave, quack convincingly, roll my tongue, whistle in and out, tuck my upper lip under my nose so ‘it’s rolled up’ without assistance, independently wiggle both pink toes with rhythm, write and draw with my toes, I can crack joints that seemingly do not exist on normal people and hold a spoon on my nose without blowing on it first.

I cannot however french inhale anymore and I’ve never been able to blow a smoke ring, although I desperately wish I could. :’(

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I can roll my tongue.

[rolls tongue]

OK, folks! Thank you! That’s it! Chicken Lady’s the next tent over!

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@jonsblond Me too. I have monkey toes.
@asmonet You are a wealth of useless talent. I bow to you: goddess of stupid human tricks!

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@dik2312: Much to others…expensive?

@suzyq2463: Why, thank you! I take offerings cash, check, major credit cards or lamb’s blood.

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I can wiggle my ears. That always seems to get people.

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@asmonet Meh. I’m a vegetarian, O goddess. No lamb’s blood. Paypal?

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I have a friend who can blow two smoke rings as the same time out of opposite sides of his mouth. It’s hilarious.

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@suzyq2463: It seems we’ve found a happy medium. Though I must admit, I’m a bit disappointed.

@Foolaholic: He can join me on Mount Olympus.

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Ooooh! I have found fellow finger-toe people!!! I can, with my feet and only my feet, open a wallet and take out a credit card.

I can also roll my tongue 3 ways at once, kind of like making it into a clover.

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@asmonet – Hey, say “What up!” to Apollo for me! He owes me some money, but I’mma let it slide.

One of my roommates can do this thing where she piles all her fingers on top of each other on each hand and snap them. She can also bend her thumbs back to touch her elbows. It’s weird.

I can do the Vulcan “Live Long and Prosper” sign with both hands.

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I can turn my feet around so they face backwards.

I can also do the can-can with my fingers!

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@aprilsimnel: Okay, random side note. But the guy who did Apollo’s voice for all of four seconds in Hercules (Disney) is actually a friend of my mom’s, so I actually could deliver that message. :P


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My list includes, as some other’s have, monkey toes. I use my toes for picking up a lot of things… I think this started when I was a swimmer and I would pick up my Chamois. Somehow this means (to my fiancee) that I have Sasquatch feet?? I don’t know how useful toes = sasquatch. Whatever.

In addition to my very useful toes, I can also make a wide array of noises. My favorite is the terradactyl noise. My brother can also do this. Maybe it’s hereditary?

Third, I have a weird thing with my hips and wrists. I can pop my wrists (like people who pop their finger knuckles). My fiancee hates when I do this because he thinks it is bad for my wrists. I’ve talked to a doctor who told me it’s fine as long as it doesn’t make my wrists hurt (which it doesn’t – it makes them feel better). As for my hips – well I can pop them in and out of place, both left and right. I thought I was double-jointed, but according to the doctor, there is no such thing with hips and I should not do this as it could cause one or both of my hips to get “stuck” out. Basically, I will probably need hip replacement surgery by the age of 30 if I keep doing it. Sucks because it really freaks people out.

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@asmonetRe Apollo: haha!

Dude, I dunno, I should totally film it; it’s a way she can bend both her thumb and forearm back… I dunno know how she does it, but I think she’s rather double jointed.

I always wondered how Lupe Velez did the trick I read about in Hollywood Babylon (or at least I think it was that book) where she rotated her breasts both clockwise and counterclockwise. That’s some level of control! Apparently, she would entertain people at parties with that stunt.

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If she can bend her forearm…she should consult a doctor.
Please post a pic as soon as possible so that Shilolo can give expert opinions and junk.

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i do the robot.

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Monkey toes run in my family too! I can also crack my chest, like other people crack their backs. Freaks people right out, everytime.

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I don’t have one but my buddy could snort one end of a piece of dental floss up his nose and then cough it out of his mouth. He would then have one end coming from his nose and one from his mouth which he could tug back and forth.

I was drunk enough to try this one night after he demonstrated it but jonsblond came in at just the right time and let me know that she had consumed too many beers to take me to the emergency room.

@jonsblond…Thanks sweetie…and tell everyone what else you can manipulate with those monkey toes.

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@Blondesjon Oh ick. But this one made me laugh uproariously first thing in the morning. I shall never think of tooth floss the same way.
@jonsblond Inquiring minds want to know. Should I post a new question just for you?

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@suzyq2463 Might as well, my biggest secret is out now.

There is nothing else to hide ;)

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i can turn my tongue into a clover shape

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