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Why did western Oklahoma turn into the dust bowl?

Asked by peggylou (1138points) November 20th, 2006
Was it just the drought?
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And over-farming with farming techniques developed for more durable, Eastern farmland. The shallower topsoil eroded leaving bare dirt easily blown by the plains winds.
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How do you KNOW that?
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because I married the smartest man alive.
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Read "The Worst Hard Times" for very interesting & heart-breaking info on this subject
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Yes, “The Worst Hard Times” is a good book on the subject. Apparently, the land was never ideal for farming, but people were promised that it was and enticed to come settle there.

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could have been avoided by rotating crops

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West Oklahoma is a… well… shithole.

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Agreed with @okc405. Come east to find the REAL Oklahoma!!!!

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