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Multi-Track audio editor/loop software for OSX?

Asked by silexicon (31points) October 2nd, 2007 from iPhone

On the PC side I used Acid Pro, Sony loops, along side Audcity, et. al. Garageband seems good to an extent, but are there other multi-track programs out there that can edit input audio, modify loops, etc. Like cakewalk, etc. for OSX for free or a nominal purchase?

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For casual audio editing on OS X, most people I know seem to use Garageband (plus maybe a little Audacity). Because Garageband is pretty decent, free, and built in, I’m guessing it’d make for a tough competitor. There is Sequel, which is Steinberg’s low-end alternative to Garageband, but I haven’t heard anything about it.

Now, once you go to a more professional level, there are lots of options. But I find myself pretty content with Garageband.

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Years ago (before GarageBand) I used a loop editor called Easy Beat [], which used the QuickTime musical instruments that come with your Mac. Everything is done in MIDI, and the files can be exported for use in GarageBand (according to the developers).

I haven’t used it since GarageBand was released because GarageBand allows you to not only program MIDI (and non-MIDI) loops, but also plug in an instrument to allow you to multi-track, and that was the perfect solution for me.

That said, Easy Beat is pretty cool and worth checking out.

A quick Google search brought up Traktor DJ Studio: which looks more like a loop/DJ application. It’s part of a full article on DJ software for Mac & Windows:

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If you are looking to loop then you should go for ableton live…. it’s pricey, but really worth it. fastest music production tool out there for almost any genre/task. (partially cracked versions float around through bittorrent trackers… but beware, 3–6months after using it it will run a self check and figure out it’s hacked…. locking up all of your song files from future use until you buy a license.)

garage band is nice
Logic is garage band pro
audacity is free and simple… good for 4track style production.

but ableton live + reason 3 is my jam…. incredibly easy to create and deconstruct.

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Ableton Live is the best way to go for what you are doing. It runs for about $500. Logic Studio is also a very good option now with it’s latest incarnation having a lot of improvements and the price being reduced to $500.

If you’re just looking for something simple, maybe you could try the LE version of Ableton Live – I think it should run you about $150.

Another thing to note might be Boot Camp for OSX, which is part of the newest version of OSX, and will allow you to boot windows. I mention this incase your PC is broken and you have tried a Mac for your new computer. The upgrade for the newest OSX will cost you less than any audio software, then you could use your existing software using Boot Camp.

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just do yourself a favor and invest in Logic Studio. You will never look back, or further.

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