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If raindrops are God's tears; what are snowflakes?

Asked by nebule (16446points) February 1st, 2009


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God’s dandruff.

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It’s when God is in a cold sweat.

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God’s frozen tears?

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They represent the countless infinite lives that have passed through the universe, each being complex, wholly unique and beautiful. Floating down into ever increasing pressure only to land on somebody’s warm cheek and melt away.

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Haha, lurve lefteh. :)

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Lurve for illustrated description.

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Snowflakes connect NetFriends to each other.

On Christmas Eve I stood in church
 I listened to the choir ring
The birth of a child,
 But harsh, not mild,
  and somehow uninspiring.

So at midnight I stepped out
 and looked up in the sky
And watched the snow fall down
 like some starfield sweeping by.
The clouds were dark and low…
 where a snowflake burst assunder

A dozen points did spring
 to be scattered o’er the earth
By thunder born before the wing
 of a butterfly in Perth.

One fluttered down in Canada
 where western mountains hide a vale
Two landed in Chicago
 midst a howling winter gale.
One alit in sweet Missouri,
 near an icy river.

Several in New Hampshire
 where the cold will make you shiver
One fell near a College Park
 By proud Potomac strands
One across the ocean flew
 to winter Netherlands

And one fell here into the church yard
 where my imagination froze
It fluttered once before my eyes,
 Then landed on my nose.

—g from a life long ago and far away.

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It’s Sunday ;D

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based on the description, I’d go with asterisks.

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The ashes of those who have erred in the path of righteousness.

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Thank you, dear. :D

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It’s just one of many of God’s interpretations of delicate but intricate art and beauty.

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The little bits of TP stuck in the Devil’s butt? shot in the dark..

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All the instant potato flakes he spilled while cooking. He spills them a lot since he is constantly working and gets distracted easily.

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They are the little bits of paper the hole punch leaves in the Book of Life. Dangling chads, if you will.

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Little bits of packing foam (from unwrapping new planets…and viruses. Hey, they were created too, right? Thanks, Big Guy!)

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