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What did you think of Bruce's Halftime Show?

Asked by janbb (59603points) February 1st, 2009

Bruce Springsteen at the Superbowl – good, bad, indifferent?

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poor brucey.

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I’ve never been a fan of Springsteen.

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It wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t amazing. Just so-so.

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It was mostly forgettable.

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Not such a fan…so I’m guessing he was okay for the people who do like him. Nothing spectacular. The fireworks were the best part. (Did he have a facelift?)

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I don’t personally like Bruce’s music too much but didn’t let that effect what I thought of the half-time show. I thought he did qutie well, was pumped up, tried to pump up the crowd. He had a smile on his face the whole time which made me smile. And his little superbowl references and switch-ups in his songs were a cute touch as well.

It was no Janet boob slip but it wasn’t terrible.

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what show?
Ah that show, I’m a no show.

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I thought the Kitty Halftime Show rocked!

Great Puppy Bowl this year!

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@ astrochuck – I wa hoping to watch the Puppy Bowl but discovered I don’t have Animal Planet.

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Better than the Stones did

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I think there should be mandatory retirement for aging rockers.

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Jesus Christ! What a great game!

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Yeah, far more exciting than Born to Run!

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I’m a Jersey Girl. I loved it.

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Even though he sounded winded at times, you gotta’ love the Boss. Bonus points for sliding on his knees into a camera man, and spinning his guitar at the end :)

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i really didnt like it. kinda dissapointing for as much as they hyped it up… thank god i was drunk.

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mehhhh. maybe if it was a little better the cardinals would have been able to have enough energy to win it in the second half. poor larry fitzgerald…

i’m not a fan of the steelers or the cardinals altho i am a ravens fan so i kinda wanted to see the steelers lose i didnt really care too much. i was really feelin the cardinals come back until the very end.

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I thought he did a great job. He only had 12 min. Got me riled up. Couple oldies. Couple new ones. A crotch slide into the camera. little joking with the crowd.

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Haha! I loved his slightly embarrassed expression right after he slid crotch first into the camera.

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I thought he wasn’t going to be able to get up! (didn’t he stay there like just a second too long?)

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@autumn43 Yes, I thought he lingered there too.
I was also afraid he wouldn’t be able to get up when he did the back bend and I noticed the camera cut away when he did get up.

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