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What MacBook should I get?

Asked by simone54 (7616points) February 8th, 2009

I’m going to the darkside.

What Mac Book should I get?

The new Alum one or the white one?

The white one will have me 300 bucks. Is it almost as good?

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Mac is not the darkside. A Dell anything is the dark side.

I’m personally looking at The MacBook pro 15”, with 4GB RAM and 250gb (i think) hard drive. it’s quite loverly. runs about $2500.

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The white one is a good deal right now. If you don’t care about it being white it is probably the best deal in the entire line-up. It is what I would get.

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WAIT! Never get Apples’ FIRST product change… there will be updates (for the same or less price) soon (probably in June).

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Yeah the polycarbonate white one is good, as it now has the same graphics chip as the new Aluminium MacBook’s. However the new MacBook looks so much better than the polycarbonate ones and they don’t show up dirt and are easier to clean than the white MacBook.

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@xxxciter YOU’RE RIGHT! Only when we’re SURE that Apple aren’t going to release more computers in the future, is it safe to buy them. You wouldn’t possibly want to be outdated.

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…since they just redid them!!! And I was expecting updates at MacWorld, but alas, no…

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I have a 13.3 inch white Macbook with the 2.4Ghz processor and 4 gig of ram. It is light and fast and I love it except it is so hard to keep clean! If you buy the white, get yourself a silicone keyboard protector, that helps. I must say the new aluminum ones are really pretty though!

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