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What's a good title for my essay?

Asked by kelly8906 (340points) February 9th, 2009

I’m writing a narrative paper about going into labor at my best friends senior prom. Can anyone think of a good title for the paper?

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is it suppose to be a funny title, or a serious one?

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It can be funny.

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If you had a date for prom it could be….

“How the 3rd Wheel on my Prom Night Showed up Late”

“I know why my Daughter Enjoys Dancing”

“My Daughter’s First Prom Night”

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haha, I love the first one!! thanks :)

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yeah, I always try and go with funny titles =). Of course, if you plan to go with a funny title, you should try and put humor in parts of the paper as well.

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Dancing with my baby

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“A Prompt Delivery”
“A Prompt Departure”

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“Prom Mom” or

“Birth of a Dance- How I Invented ‘The Contraction’”

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How I Lost 10lbs at Prom
At Least the Dress was Paid For
So Much for the Shoes
How to Get an Extra Admittance to Prom for Free
They Said It Would Be the Night of My Life (and It Was)

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@Harp – “Birth of a Dance- How I Invented ‘The Contraction’” is my favorite!!! that rocks.

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Prom crasher?

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do you believe in JESUS

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