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Who's the young brunette in the FirstResponse commercial?

Asked by Iphone35 (134points) February 10th, 2009 from iPhone

anyone know who this actress/spokeswoman is ? She’s brunette rather young 20s/30s, pretty, she usually appears in the First Response pregnancy test commercial. If anyone knows who she is ?

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I don’t know who that actress/spokesperson is,
but that commercial is ridiculous!

You can’t be a little bit pregnant.
Yes, you can produce a little or a lot of hCG.
But either you are pregnant or you aren’t. Good grief.

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Someone should make an IMDB for commercials.

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I’d be all over that.

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i like the chick in the one allergy relief ad, with the yellow halter top on. She’s in a Chili’s ad now…what’s her name?

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I used to skip over commercials. Now, if I’ve got the telly on, I watch them to see which improv person I know / have seen perform is in it. There’s A LOT of NYC improv people doing these things. And Law & Order, too.

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@aprilsimnel law and order actually gets some good stage actors.

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@eponymoushipster – They get EVERYbody. It’s a maw that shovels in every actor in NYC. I’ve been told on numerous occasions that I should send send my headshot in. I wouldn’t mind being the murder victim or a juror.

If you get one national commercial, you don’t have to work for the rest of the year (if you’re single). The residuals are damn good.

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@aprilsimnel if you get on there, do tell. i’d love to be in the background even….

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@aprilsimnel Not quite true anymore. Nationals don’t pay nearly as much as they used to… and I had 5 that ran in 2008.

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@andrew – Really? Then my former improv coach was lying! He was on one of those T-Mobile 5 people something or other commercials and he told us he made some serious bank from that ad. Maybe he meant “bank” as opposed to what he was making as an improv coach.

Then again, he also told me that I’d be perfect for “ordinary people” ads because I was so plain-looking, and anyone who knows me knows that that’s a lie! :P

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Whoa. She’s hot. I can see why you asked a question about her.

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@aprilsimnel: It depends on the ad. I’ve had national ads that really had legs, but the norm now is quick (less than 6 week) runs.

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@andrew – Ah. He must’ve gotten lucky, then. His ran for over 6 months.

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