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What frustrated you today?

Asked by Dog (25152points) February 10th, 2009 from iPhone


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I was frustrated by a horrible, 16 hour delay between beers.

stupid work

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@Blondesjon Yeah, work and sleep do tend to get in the way that way.

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my mother and my job!

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someone who I thought I knew, turned out to be a real arse hole. Disappointing, and SO ANNOYING!!
But on the bright side….. my boyfriend, who was laid off in December because of our wonderful economy, got a job. YAY.
Take the good with the bad.

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My son.

The slipshod way my daughter’s school keeps attendance.

The emotional way my daughter responded to the school’s report that she has too many unexcused absences (untrue).

The elderly dog that insists on peeing on the floor.

Getting only 6 hours of sleep. Again.

Discovering that the cats tore up the laundry room again looking for the stupid mouse that lives behind the dryer.

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The idiots in main security at my job. They are completely clueless as to what those of us at the truck gates have to deal with. But fortunately, I kept my cool and remained professional at all times.

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My mother. I am too old to have a mother.

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One of my cats was weaned too young and insists on sucking on my shirt.

I set up a new printer, and the cartridges were hard to load correctly. It took forever to get it to work, but it’s fine now.

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I also got a new digital camera and the print is so fine in the instruction book that I have to read the whole thing with a magnifying glass, but my son took the magnifying glass. Hence I cannot use my new camera.

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Bluetooth died in the middle of an important call while driving on the highway. There was no way for me to pull over to call them back. Damn handsfree law!

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Traffic bottlenecks while driving to work today.

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My daughter’s English teacher who literally responded with, “I don’t know, I’m so tired,” to every single question I asked her about my daughter’s writing. I kid you not. This woman was of no help whatsoever, and was actually quite condescending about it, almost like I had no idea what a long workday was like. I almost played the teacher card, but did not. Instead I just kept asking questions that made her think longer and harder, only to have her arrive at the same answer over…and over…and over again. I am contemplating inquiring with the principal as to her health, seems this chronic fatigue might need attention.

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An overall feeling of death.
cough, cough, hack, hack

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My DeadEnd day job, Love, and everything in between

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The Wichita State Shockers lack of a Defense tonight against Missouri State. (Still Got ‘em by 1!! GO SHOX!)

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My resistance to listening to The Power of Now I got as a gift recently. I got through two chapters this past weekend, and now that Tolle is getting into ego death, my ego is resisting hearing about how it has to go.

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My continued inability to study for five minutes at a stretch (actually, make that total) without checking Fluther.

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the major thumping my daughters basketball team took tonight.

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I got a bill in the mail for a dental checkup I had done last month, despite my dental coverage (or lack there of).

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Today… not a thing, actually.

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I am extremely frustrated today!!! Are you like, psychic?!!

I’ve been telling myself all day, “Murder is not the answer! Murder is not the answer!” Not that I ever would do such a thing but it made me feel better to think about it.

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@loser~ hang in there :0)

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@mcbealer Oh, I’m really not dangerous. I’m just stressed. It’s hard having a job when there’s so much Fluthering to be done, you know?

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hey at least you’re not trying to quit smokes :0)

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Are you doing that? I was quitting but I quit quitting. Wow, you sound so sane!

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‘tis but a momentary lapse of reason

Hopefully, when I come to my senses the yen will be gone….
one can only hope, you know?

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I was frustrated by the network being down – eccentric really- for most of the day.
Of course it would not be so bad if I did not have to send over 200 images in to my agent,
So instead after the game I decided to have a beer,. Stress is now slowly leaving the room….

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@mcbealer Well, I’ve missed you so it’s nice to see you no matter what psycho mood we’re in!

@dog Mmmm. Beer…

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The fact that my husband and I haven’t found jobs yet.
My cable modem went down this evening, leaving me incapable of Fluthering…ACK!

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Auqustian don’t feel bad our company is planing to lay off 2000 employees in March I am one of them…..sob…sob

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The fact that my son & daughters lacrosse equipment for the season (along with registration) is equal to the down payment on a car.

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My bosses put me in the middle of their communication line, inevitably making no one happy and everyone annoyed with me, but rebuffed my suggestions that they, perhaps, talk to one another until one of them suddenly decided that it was all stupid and refused to take my calls anyone forcing the other one to call him.

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my boss sent me an email that was unnecessarily harsh in tone. he cc’d his boss, the manager, with it. he is not here today, and i am going to reply “to all” and tell him that i think it was unnecessarily harsh. he is probably not going to like me sticking up for myself, but fuck him. i’m not his child.

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Waiting for my boyfriend to call. I need a life.

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@Clairedete; I agree. Find some fascinating things to do so that he has to wait for you to call. Don’t be a slave to the relationship, please.

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@gailcalled I agree-
@clairedete never be waiting- it is a big turn off for a guy as most prefer a challenge. Find something fun to do and the rest will fall into place.

Today I had no frustrations! This was very cool!

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@clairedete Nothing wrong with waiting for him to call if you have plans or whatever or are expecting the call. I spend a lot of my alone time waiting for mine to call. He always does when he gets off work. And then it’s not alone time anymore.

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Can I answer this question again? It’s a new day, and new frustrations.

Skipping the details, let me just say to those who need to hear it: I AM NOT YOUR “OFFICE WIFE”!!!!! There, having said that, I feel much better.

Thank you for your patience.

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I would also like to add because it’s a new day and I was very frustrated today!
A lil boy in my class told my assistant teacher while I was at lunch:” if you tell on me to ms. Jessica(thats me) , I’m gonna tell my mom, and she’s going to beat you up and bring a gun and kill you.” The little boy is 5!!!!! I had a meeting with his mother today, she blamed it on his grandmother passing away on Mon.

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My big frustration today was that CPS came to call. I told my son this would happen if he continued on his same path, and I was proven correct.

Someone reported my son as being neglected because he came to school in dirty clothes (he refused to wear the clean clothes I had laid out for him), told the school staff that there was nothing to eat at home (but forgot to tell them that he meant there were no potato chips or chocolate bars, just yucky stuff like apples, milk, eggs, cereal, soup, bread, peanut butter, etc.), and claimed that he had been beaten (his hand was slapped because instead of taking his medications he threw them on the floor and then he punched my husband).

Now, CPS has told him that if his room (which is horrible) is not clean by Monday he will be put in foster care. Sigh

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Oh, Darwin. That is one rough day indeed. Please keep us posted. {hugs}

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My idiot boss tried to make small talk with my client this morning and he managed to annoy and insult my client in a single sentence. So I lost a deal and a client. Sigh.

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the 64 mph winds

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I woke up today (Friday) still feeling like shit. Damn.

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That the kids are off school and I have to entertain them while working on a deadline.

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My PS2 game has been cheating, and not in my favor. My damn car crashed without even hitting anything.

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Work.. I hate answering phones all day.

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Darn it. I got a blister on my left foot. I’m never wearing those sodding sandals again! >:/

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flippin’ lawn mower died on me 2 hrs into the job, in 92 degree heat, half the yard still unmowed

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Still dealing with CPS and a school district that does its best to not help a child with documented emotional and mental disabilities.

And they all start off by saying “Well, I haven’t read his file but I am sure he can…”

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@Darwin that is insanely frustrating.

I was frustrated by one of my kids going into my studio (not allowed) picking up the painting I started yesterday ( strictly forbidden) and then dropping it face down on the floor.

I lost an entire days work. Today I am installing a lock on the studio door.

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@Dog – Good idea, just make sure you remember where you hide the key.

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@Darwin- good point. I will keep a hide away key in case.

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My brother and his wife!

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found a lake underneath the crisper drawers of my fridge today ~ may have to call the landlord on this one

wonder what will be next to break down maybe I shouldn’t tempt fate…

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