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(Explicit) If you like SONY, Have you seen this on youtube?

Asked by TaoSan (7106points) February 12th, 2009

This is hilarious.

Warning, very explicit language! No kiddos.

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That was awesome, thanks.

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I’m still cringing on the floor. Did you read the “Ticker band news”? Hilarious!!!!

And then when they zoom out where it says ” McCain gearing up for 2012 funeral”?

I’m still ROFLing

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“sucking fucking shit” My sides hurt.

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Too much cussing. I couldn’t enjoy it.

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@adri027 Where’s your tilde?

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LOL. That brightened up my morning :D

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That was good.

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I believe Microsoft invented that whole idea….

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Well if you seen that disastrous ad of Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld it will not surprise me at all

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My adult daughter just sent me the link; this signals a sea change in our relationship, I think. She now considers me to also be a grown-up who no longer needs to be protected.

That said, I am trying to figure out the various clickers for CRT TV w. rotating roof antenna, converter box, and VHS, which I still find very useful. I thought I had taped a program last night and discovered this AM an hour of snow on the tape.

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Tinfoil, Gail, tinfoil is the answer :)

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Wrapped around my brain?

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your head! Keeps the bad transmissions out, amplifies the good ones in! You never see me round the house without my tinfoil funnel hat!

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(Well, it takes up much of my head.) It is all so bloody murky…and as for the manual.

I called a techie at the FCC who said she’d email me a wiring diagram. Guess what?

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Oh goodness, the FCC!!!!

This will turn into another CIA thread! :)

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you mean you guys don’t read The Onion on a regular basis? if not, you’re missing out on some funny stuff!

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was the first time, Onion News Network, hilarious!

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@nimis no se que es un tilde ósea si se lo que es en espaÑol pero en inglés no.

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“time vampire”. that is classic. i know that’s going to be a new addition to my vocabulary.

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Good way to start your Monday.

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