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How often do you spend reading books?

Asked by mirifique (1537points) February 13th, 2009
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I go through phases where I’ll read a ton of books within a month and then I’ll just stop for a while. When I am reading books, it’s extremely hard for me to put them down and take breaks. So generally, I read for hours at a time and finish books fairly quickly.

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Not as long as I’d like.
Not as long as I did before Fluther.

But still several hours a week.

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Not enough, that’s for sure… well not leisure reading anyway. I’m drowning in a sea of textbooks and journal articles.

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About an hour a day.
On a lazy Saturday, I can spend all day reading and relish every second of it.
I love books.

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When I have lots of free time (or if I find a particularly good book) I will lose track of time while reading it. Sometimes I will spend days reading books. However, currently I am just trying to keep up with required school readings. . . uggh.

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At least 2 hours a day.

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When I’m reading a book I do my best, most concentrated reading right before I go to bed, while lying in bed. I usually like to read a chapter a night, but if its good I’ll read until I can’t hold the book up anymore. So usually anywhere between 15 minutes to 2 hours a day.

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An hour at bedtime every night.

When you fall asleep snoring with the book on your face, at my house that’s what we call “reading aloud.”

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i spend reading books as often as i can

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I read a little bit every morning before I go to bed (I work nights).
If I find a good book I can easily read for many many hours, I can read out a 500 page book in two days, and there’r nothing strange to me about that.

An if I’m REALLY stuck on a book, I’ll snap at anyone who desturbs me, no mater what the cause. Like a sweedish triology I just finished, I almost didn’t talk to anyone for a week :P

So the awnser would be between 10 minutes and 15 hours a day.

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Lately about 10 hours a week, but usually a little less. I get out of school two hours earlier than school actually lets out every other school day, so lately I’ve been spending that time at the library reading. I also read before bed, more or less depending on how late it is and how early I have to get up.

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Every day, since I was five.

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 don’t read quite as much as I did before fluther. 

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Working a 12 hour midnight shift affords me some nice down time in the early morning hours and I take advantage of that to get in 2 to 3 hours of book reading which makes me very happy. I have been a very avid reader all my life and I love books.

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I try to spend reading books as often as I can, but most cashiers won’t accept them. They usually prefer cash or credit, sometimes checks.
sorry, I had to

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I try to get in at least 30 minutes on weekdays, and hour or more on Saturday and Sunday.

I’m a quick reader, so it rarely takes me more than 5 days to finish a good sized book.

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An hour a day for the newspaper and at least an hour at bedtime for whatever book I’m reading. I love to read.

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I try to read, but I am one of those kids with reading troubles.

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I read news on the internet. I read the newspaper and I read a book for about an hour or so before I go to bed. My favorite thing to do is to take a bubble bath and read a book while I am soaking in the tub!
My Dad trains thoroughbred racehorses and when I was about six years old he had a client who owned a publishing company. One day I was playing outside when a truck backed up into our driveway with a delivery for me. It was a box the size of a washing machine and it was filled with all sorts of childrens books for me. I credit that incredibly generous and kind man with my love and passion for reading. :-) ( I was a very lucky little girl!)

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@Adina1968: You were lucky – what a gift!

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I usually read for about 2–3 hours a day. Fluther is definitely cutting into my reading time, though.

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I love to read so I’ll spend an hour And a half a day.

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Some time every day. Much more if it is un-put-downable.

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I read before bed and anytime the day gets dull. I’m a very slow reader but I savor my books. Potter might take me a few days while science books may take me a month.

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I work at a library, so a fair amount. At least 30minutes a day, at work, during lunch. But usually more.

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I read a couple hours a day, usually spread out over the day.
Nothing riveting through…mostly medical/historical stuff. still, I enjoy it!

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I love to read…anything, anytime, anywhere. I’m so compulsive about it that I read shampoo bottles if I’ve got nothing to read in the bathroom! For a long time now I’ve been unable to read for hours at a time, so it’s mostly in little bits of free time. Waiting in the car, ‘busy’ in the bathroom, over a meal by myself, etc. Even at that rate, I can finish a fairly large book in a day or two, if it’s a great read.

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@augustlan (re: shampoo bottles) I do the same thing lurve for you

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It’s an illness, but one I can live happily with.

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@augustlan: I’m the same way, love.

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I wish that I could read as much as I wanted to. I’m very easily distracted, and having a 5 year old that talks constantly, it’s kind of hard.

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Keep a book in the bathroom, one you can read in little bits, and maybe even one you wouldn’t easily manage to read otherwise. I got through the entirety of Gulliver’s Travels that way.

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@Jeruba i read The Tipping Point and Assassination Vacation that way.

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@Jeruba I always have at least one book in there. I also have a big copper tub (not a bathtub, it’s like a party-sized ice tub) packed full of magazines, catalogs, and newspapers. At the moment, I have already read them all :(

I am getting desperate!

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Our bathroom is our library. :)

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My dining room/office is the library. The bathroom is just an annex. :)

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Not magazines. A book. Something you want to have read but don’t really want to go through the act of reading. Having it be the only literature in your bathroom will take care of motivation for you.

Before I went to France a few years ago, I kept the French phrase book in there and studied it for four months beforehand. Very successful ploy.

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The magazines/catalogs are for in between books, not instead of, silly. :)

I need more books. I’ve read everything in the house (save one or two) at least once, and many I’ve read umpteen times!

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I need fewer books. I wish I could ship you a refrigerator box of the books that fill my house. The stack next to my side of the bed is three feet deep. The room we call the library is jammed. There are boxes in the hall, stacks beneath the coffee table, and at least ten crammed bookcases in various rooms. And an unknown number on my desk and on the floor and various surfaces in my room.

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I wish you could send me some, too! I just have one bookcase (fairly large and packed to the brim) and several stacks scattered around the house. I can’t afford to buy them anymore, and I cannot be trusted with a library card! I never return the books on time…too lazy.

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@eponymoushipster You trash my stereotype of someone who works in a library. Good for you. (And me.)

I usually read a book about 20 min a day or so, on average. I read e-mail/Fluther/baseball news/Facebook, etc., much much more though.

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do you mean how much time? maybe an hour or so before I go to bed, though not every night. Like DrasticDreamer, I go through phases.

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I average a book a week….

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I read a lot, but slowly. (I get distracted easily).

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as much as possible, but not enough. at least an hour a day. i always take a book with me if i anticipate having to do the slightest bit of waiting anywhere – getting my oil changed, a dr’s appt, etc.

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I really enjoy reading but with my AP English class I do not get a lot of time to read anything I really like. So although I am reading all the time its nothing that ever really holds my interest. Although the book we will be doing is by Jack Kerowack(I so spelled that wrong) , called “On the Road”. Supposed to be really good, excited about reading it.

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I really enjoy reading but I am a slow reader and when I try to ‘speed up’ I find myself ‘skimming’ like I did in school… not great for enjoyment or comprehension… so I try to discipline myself by allotting one hour each afternoon just for reading. I have found my speed has picked up without trying and I am enjoying it more and more. Fiction is my fav and find myself ‘locking in’ on an author until I have exhausted all the library has to offer before moving on to the next on the shelf!

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I usually read for an hour when I get up (while I’m eating my breakfast and drinking my tea), and then for an hour or so in the afternoon. I find I’m a lot more productive if I take a mid-afternoon reading break, instead of trying to work straight through the day (and since I work from home, I can schedule my reading time whenever I want!) I usually try to read a little before bed too – but that can be dangerous, ‘cause I get into the book and end up staying up far later than I really should…

@augustlan – if you have books that you’ve read that you don’t mind parting with, you should check out BookMooch – it’s a great way to trade books, and all it costs you is the shipping for the books you’re giving away (which for a normal paperback is about a buck and a half). I don’t use it much, because I can’t bear to part with my books, but my mom uses it all the time and loves it…

@Milladyret – what’s the swedish trilogy? I’m always looking for books that are un-put-downable!

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@sdeutsch I’ll look into that…thanks! I can’t give up most of my books, either, but I’m sure I can find something I’d be willing to let go of!

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I read every day, for at least a few minutes. However, when I’m reading I am no longer a participant in the rest of the world. Nothing can interrupt me – it’s a little frightening how out of it I am.

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not long enough, but you have given me the kick i needed.

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For pleasure, not nearly enough. But I read several books a week for my classes, which I really don’t mind…I read some really brilliant stuff! I also read excerpts of case studies, cert petitions, biographies…even though they may not be entire books, I certainly learn a lot.

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Not enough time.

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I’m the same as @Dorkgirl. I spend at the very least an hour a day and if I don’t have a ton of homework, a good portion of the day Saturday.

I alternate, though, between reading and writing a lot. Some months I’ll read several books, other months I prefer writing.

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At least an hour every day.

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I try to get in one chapter, at least, every day!

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As much time as I can which isn’t really a lot of time. My favorite days to read are when it’s cloudy and rainy. I sit out on my balcony with a glass of wine and curl up until it gets too dark to see the words. On a busy day I try to read on my lunch break

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@MerMaidBlu – that sounds like the PERFECT reading day! I love to go out to my backyard first thing in the morning when the sun is out and do some reading. Nothing better.

I probably spend about twenty hours per week reading. I would read all day, every day if I had the time, though :)

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