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I'm ill, bored, there's no food in the house. What do I do!? / What do you do when you're ill?

Asked by cage (3123points) February 14th, 2009

I can’t go anywhere because I feel dreadful.

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johnpowell, you are forbidden from answering this question.

I watch the Discovery Channel.

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I dont look for sympathy on the internet, nor anywhere else

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@toolo Did I? no. I was asking what I should do around the house because I’m bored. Thank you for your un-constructive answer.

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The best thing to do is rest. Usually, I cocoon in bed when I am sick, alternating between sleeping (which helps you heal) and reading if I am up to it.

You need chicken soup delivery. If you have a grocer that delivers or an Italian restaurant or even an Asian restaurant.

Feel better.

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You would think RichardHenry could bring you some chicken soup.

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Depending on how ill I am, I try to be as active as possible. If I just have a bad cold, I find that getting up to do something- which in my case means juggling, and in yours might mean walking on the treadmill or something- or even leaving the house does wonders to make me feel better and to clear the fog in my head, even if I don’t want to move at first. Of course, if you have the flu, then that’s not really the option, and in that case I like to read or listen to the radio. Computers or TV will probably make you feel worse.

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@chyna *rings richard. Having said that he’s always asking me for beef sandwiches from work.

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I’m a Mom. I can’t get sick.

But my suggestion for you is to lie in bed or on the couch with blankets, lots of fluids, the remote and the phone nearby. Watch TV, play video games.

However, if you want to shake it off, just keep moving. Get involved in something – a puzzle, cleaning a closet, or start the laundry. Before you know it, you will start to feel better – about getting stuff done. And then you won’t have time to worry about how you are feeling.

Feel better soon, cage!

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Watch old movies, I’m sure Ferris Beullers Day Off is playing on some remote channel for the 2 billionth time, snooze, read, snooze and eat if anyone will bring you some food.

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Find a way to stay asleep. Whenever you’re awake, drink and pee, drink and pee.

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No seriously, watch Discovery like lefteh said, I make some arts and read books. :)
The less you focus on the boredom itself the sooner it goes away.

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I sympathize with you, I’m sick too. Fluther, of course :)

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go running or take a brisk walk outside. refreshing! when you get back, that egg in the fridge with the half bag of shredded cheddar doesn’t seem so bad after all.

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One Word:

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oh man, I slept about 16 hours last night. I feel okay today. Still ill and bunged up, and I’m really slow.

I’m more worried about getting better because on tuesday I’m flying to America, and I’m spending the whole day going through 4 different airports. So I need to be up and ready for stuff.

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That blows, why did you pick that method? I flew to France in nine. WHY?
It should only take you seven!

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It took me 4 flights, 30 hours to get from Hobart in Australia to Durban in South Africa, and I got a little bit coldy/fluey on them. I’m starting to come down with one now too, caught it from my friend.

Just make sure you sleep on the flights at the time that you will be sleeping in America so you don’t have as bad jetlag, You could take a night time flu tablet so it makes you drowsy at the right time and get a good sleep. Also take some vitamin C and maybe some fish oil tablets, and suck on some lozengers, echinacea ones are good.

I guess you’ll be leaving soon so I hope you’re feeling better now.

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Have a bath, maybe it will make you feel better.

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