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What inspired you today?

Asked by Dog (25132points) February 16th, 2009

Sometimes it is the little things in life that give us a lift or inspire us.

For me it was a cloudburst as the sun shone making each drop look like glass falling.

How about you- did anything inspire you today?

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The TV and my recliner inspired me to not do a damn thing today.

God bless holidays.

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well. the warrant for my arrest threat inspired me to drop my ticket payment off and the municipal court’s clerk was inspired by presidents day to take a day off.

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I watched a video of Damien Katz (creator of CouchDB) at a conference, on how he got the job he always wanted (he went out and made it for himself).

A photo I exposed in a non-typical way made me realize that atypical isn’t always bad.

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Actually, this inspiration was all from yesterday but it still counts right?

A smile from my wife

A word of encouragement from my supervisor at work

A friend who thanked me and appreciated me for serving my country

An aquaintance that guessed my age as 7 years younger than it really is the day before my birthday

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@augustlan. Thank you very much! :o)

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The fact that I may get another job before the end of March.

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Well Happy Birthday Blue Freedom! I hope it’s safe and filled with everything that inspires you…and cake, too!!

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My doctor visit yesterday inspired me to get out and exercise first thing this morning. I hope it continues!

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I the fact that I didn’t know about the essay due today inspired me to jump out of bed and get it haphazardly done. Does that count?

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Day two of the week. Yesterday, I rode my bike in, and it was very hard, because it was against the wind, which made it feel very cold. Today, there was less wind, so even thought the temperature was lower, it felt warmer. I had a brisk, quick ride, and felt invigorated at the end of it.

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HAPPY BDAY Bluefreedom!

I was inspired by my daughters new (rescue) bunny hopping over to her when she said goodbye this morning. The bunny then nuzzled her face fondly.
I have noticed that many rescued animals seem to appreciate gentle love more.

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The tips of my daffodils grew overnight from 1” to 2,” and I both heard and saw a redwing blackbird. He is always the first harbinger of spring here.

Milo sat on my checkbook while I was trying to balance it. That meant I should forget about business for today and get back outside. So, off I go.

And later I will mail in the final payment for my car. That gives me a little more discretionary income.

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@gailcalled: Wow! Daffodils already? I better check my back yard. I’m surprised that you have daffodils already, what with all the snow and your northern location.

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@Dal: Tips of leaves only; buds are still underground. And no sign of the little bulbs…snow drops, squill, chionodoxa, etc.

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@Dal; and I just learned that more snow is heading my way tomorrow (Wed.) afternoon thru Thursday.

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@Gail, Lucky you. We have to put up with rain.

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@Dal: If you lived at the top of my driveway (which has mostly washed away and is heading towards the Hudson River) and had my plowing, gravel and grading bills, you’d wish for two weeks in Philadelphia.

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