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If you could have only one of the following gifts, which one would you want? Telepathy, Precognition, or Telekinesis?

Asked by Bluefreedom (22931points) February 18th, 2009

In regards to the choice you made, why did you pick that one and how would you use it for your own purposes?

If you declined to have any of them, is there any particular reason why?

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Which one would allow you to make people shit their pants on command?

I want that one…

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@Blondesjon. Probably by telekinesis for sure and maybe by telepathy but depending on how persuasive you were.

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With Precog, I’d just be a Cassandra or I’d be pestered for lottery numbers and all that. Meh.

With Telepathy, I’d be overwhelmed with the detritus of people’s minds. Again, meh.

But the ability to move things? Possibly heavy things? That would help a lot of people and that would be a power I’d enjoy using. Though I still might be kidnapped. But then I could pick the bad guys up and toss them somewhere.

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I also choose “Telepoopy”, ha thats awesome.

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Though telepoopy is funnier…

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I agree with aprilsimnel for pretty much the same reasons.

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Telekinesis. I am lazy, and would love that!

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Telekinesis. I don’t want to know the future or want to see inside people’s heads.

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Well, I’m going to go against the grain here and say Telepathy, on the condition that I would be able to filter out things I didn’t want to pay attention to. I think minds are incredibly interesting things, and the opportunity to explore them would be hard to pass up.

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Telekinesis all the way baby! I can see it now, instead of calling my children in from outside, I could just pick them up with mind power and bring them in at my will.

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“Eat your vegetables, or I’ll have to throw you around the room with my mind again!”

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Telekinesis – that way I wouldn’t have to get back up again after I get settled in my recliner because the blankety-blank remote is over on the couch.

I wouldn’t want telepathy because I know what goes on in my mind sometimes and I sure wouldn’t want to share someone else’s version of that.

And precognition would take all the excitement out of getting up each day. If you already know what’s going to happen, why bother?

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I’d opt for telekinesis like many others here. I think it would be fascinating to manipulate objects by mind power alone. And you could use it for so many different purposes too.

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Actually having 2 of the 3, I can say that telepathy sucks; you are never really alone. Telekenesis would be a great parlor trick I suppose, but impractical. I enjoy having precognition, it has come in very handy in life, especially as a mom! (My kids sure did have a problem with it for a while though…)

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You have telepathy? Well then, I highly encourage you to do this challenge. You could win a million dollars if you’re right.

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Thanks Hobbes; The qualifications to begin the process are having been written about in a book, which I have been, and being involved in a scientific study, which I have not been. I’ve never been asked! The tests I have had have shown an 85% accuracy rate, which is well above even the average psychic.

The reason Science isn’t spelled Psyence, is they are two different aspects of humanity. I know that I would LOVE to work with anyone in the scientific field, I am very educated and would relish the chance to get back in the school atmosphere again; so if anyone out there wants to do testing on me, “come on down!”, so to speak.

This isn’t something I would choose for myself. I would prefer to be able to play piano. Living the life of televisions Allison DuBois or Ghost Whisperer can be a hard life, especially raising a family, along with children who have abilities. People who think it would be ‘neat’ to have the abilities don’t think about the fact that you can’t always have control of it, or turn it off, and it’s not always good things you see.

Also, you can’t just walk up to people and tell them what you see. Believe me; I’ve done it. It’s an intrusion, and not a good idea. Yet the info keeps on coming, especially late at night when the energy levels are dropping.

Living life like the movie Ghost isn’t as romantic as the movie either; it’s super frustrating, and I don’t have the advantage of razor sharp wit like Whoopi (I can hold my own, though,lol) and I sure don’t have a script showing me what the outcome is going to be!

My family calls it cosmic charades since I am a visual person and get all my info visually, so whatever I see has to be interpreted by the signs I pick up. There can always be a few different ways to interpret things as well, and when a person doesn’t feel connected to the information I give I have to try to explain that just because they don’t recognize it now doesn’t mean that they won’t recognize it soon.

I get lots of feedback, so that helps!

SO again, thanks for the info, and I would be open to that next step of the project if there was anyone wanting to test that with me, since I have no idea what they are looking for.

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I would say Telekinesis. Telepathy, or knowing someone elses every thought, is a very difficult thing to bear, especially in relationships. Something I don’t think I could handle. Saying that, if it was offered, I would not decline; it’s just not my preferred option.
Precognition would take all the joy and excitement out of life. You would never be suprised by anything, good or bad, which is horrible. And you would be regarded as a freak or a hoax.
Telekinesis is hard to disprove. It is the mastery of matter transportation. Imagining the power Dr. Manhattan had in The Watchmen is a close approximation. You could pick your clothes/armour up and fly, you could stop bullets, missiles and shells, you could save falling airplanes and houses, prevent another 9/11 just by watching the plane. The possibiities of what is effectively super-strength and flight alone makes you Superman. Hell yes

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What about Postcognition – being able to see what’s happened in the past?

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@Hobbes – As I get older I have much more Postcognition, but I suck at remembering things in the here and now.

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