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Any Pisceans out there? It is our time of year!

Asked by answerjill (6180points) February 21st, 2009

Do you think that you are a “typical” Pisces?

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wooooooot!!! what’s a typical pisces? Guess I’ll look it up.

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umm I am a Pisces but umm typical… by whos standards?

I may not be sane by society norms.

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I keep going out with Pisces. I need to stop doing that.

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I keep dating virgos… I need to stop doing that.

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I have a book that goes into detail about astrology right down to specific days. I am absolutely typical for my element (water), quality (mutable), general sign (Pisces), specific sign (Pisces II) and day (March 5).

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@MacBean : I have many books to, I do fall under many of the things said but i take in many other factors as well like my Moon being leo the year dog water dog. i have a lot of water and fire.

I can tend to be lazy and laid back but when pushed or determind I will blaze the path to anywhere and get it done.

And I am the 8th, of march

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My birthday is next Sunday, and I am very piscesean.
—I’m not sure that is a real word.—

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I’m a fellow Pisces, but not sure how typical I really am. Some of the stuff written, fits, other things are not even close. I like, and generally connect very well with other Pisces. We pretty much kick ass I guess!

Oh, and I keep going out with Aries, I need to stop doing that!

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Nope I`m a Scorpio!!

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Scorpios scare me.

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I’m a Leo. Hear me roar. RAWR.

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Leo is my moon and my sis sun we are reversed.

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@augustlan : I would rather now how you care for your pride with the tongue….

hope thats not crossing the line.

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I’m sure you would! Let’s just leave it at ‘Very Well’.

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Very Well. :-)

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Scorpios are scorpions!!!!!! Watch the back claw!

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I’m a Pisces. My BD is the 20th…first day of spring. YEAAA

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I’m pretty much the typical Pisces, go me! March 2, BD :)

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I’m a pisces and for the most part I am really rather typical.

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I’m born 3/13 and the three things I remember about Pisces, that are definitely true to me are: Romantic, Dreamer, Creative.

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