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Can you sing Happy Birthday?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) February 21st, 2009 from iPhone

It’s Blondesjon’s birthday! Would you like to wish him a happy day?

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No. But I can blow it out my ass pretty darn good….

and for blondsjon it will be in key

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I can’t sing it, because my voice has been known to severely scare people, however, I will say it:


I wish huge slabs of cake and many bottles of plonk upon you!!

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anal. dude, seriously.

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I can blow that tune out on a mean flute, if ya wish. Happy Birthday.

That doesn’t sound quite straight crap.

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@jonsblond…i hate you…you are so getting a spankin’

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Happy Birthday, you sexy dude, you! I won’t sing however, because when I sing in the shower during the warmer months, birds have been seen trying to close the windows from the outside. I couldn’t carry a tune if it was on a stretcher and two paramedics were helping me.

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No but seriously when i lived in south america we played recorders and flutes that was the one song i could do. I hope it at least produced some mini lols. :-)

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@Blondesjon y @jonsblond hey you two, get a room. also, a webcam, some nightvision goggles, a website with a paypal account – you’ll make money in the tens of dollars!

@KingMalefic yeah, yeah, i’ve seen a couple of Dateline NBC specials about “the flute playing children of south america.”

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Happy Birthday! Think I’ll celebrate by getting really pissed!
Who wants a Mai Tai?

cak's avatar

Happy Birthday! I’ll have a drink for you!

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Asmonet says there are age restrictions on bar tending, Chuckie.

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happy birthday! :D

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@AstroChuck…I don’t a’ wanna’ your tie. I jus’ ‘a wanna a beer.

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If somebody else sets the key.

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I will let Stinky Wizzleteats do my singing for me. Have a bit of HAPPINESS!

Happy birthday!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAY @Blondesjon! And many more! Now lets have some cake :D

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Mi, mi, mi, mi, mi….Ahem…cough, cough Do re me fa so la ti do…la, la, la, la,la!!!
I’m a bit rusty… just getting over a sore throat….

Deep breath

Cumpleaños Feliz,
Te deseamos a ti,
Qué los cumplas en tu día,
Qué los complas feliz!

How was that?

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@Darwin did you just do some voodoo? was that a voodoo curse on @Blondesjon ?!?!

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Here is your birthday message. Have fun, my friend!

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@eponymoushipster – No, I am from Texas. We speak Spanish down here. We used to be part of Mexico and parts of us seem to be going back.

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@Darwin Texas – i knew it! Voodoo country!

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Happy Birthday!
May it totally rock over last year!

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@Bluefreedom…Is that your pussy?

augustlan's avatar

Happy BD, BJ!

Bluefreedom's avatar

@Blondesjon. Yeah. And I taught him that dance move too! :o)

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@eponymoushipsterSigh! You are thinking of South Florida. Down here we practice curanderismo, not voodoo.

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I am from florida… damn it i am screwed on all accounts.

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have a great day buddy…hope its a good one… live in the moment and see if it lasts forever xx

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I was singing with Grisson. Did you hear me?


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Happy Birthday Blondesjon!

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Oops – spelling, I meant “BIRTHDAY.”

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Happy Birthday to yooooooooooou in 4 part harmony

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na na na na na na—na na
You say it’s your birthday
It’s my birthday too—yeah
They say it’s your birthday
We’re gonna have a good time
I’m glad it’s your birthday
Happy birthday to you.

Yes we’re going to a party party
Yes we’re going to a party party
Yes we’re going to a party party.


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Happy birthday! Free pancakes for everyone!!!

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Go shawty
It’s your birthday!

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what ths hell? who would ask that question? lol.

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@steelmarket…Would you like me to dance or, perhaps, take a cha cha cha chance?

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I couldn’t resist.

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Thanks everyone for helping me wish Blondesjon a happy birthday! :D

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I may have missed the deadline but bonne anniversaire to your blondesjon. :).

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I just sang it! Did you hear me?!!


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Happy Birthday Jon!

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Is it that time of year again already? Oh, I see that it is! Happy birthday, Jon. :)

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Oh MY that’s just scary!!! Happy Birthday… to you xxxxx

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Happy B’Day to one scary dude! Love ya, @Blondesjon !

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of all the questions for a person to stop following, this is one of them…hmph! Guess I need to send it to him…lol

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Yes, it’s that time of year again! Happy birthday, guy!

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Happy birthday to my second favorite half of the Blond/Jon family!

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Happy Birthday to yooooooooooou in 6 part harmony this time

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Happy Birthday!

wow. There are a handful of us left.

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Happy Birthday, dear Jon – and feel better soooon!

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He’s old.

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No, he’s just older! Happy birthday, Jon!

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