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Is there such a thing as a good bra without underwire?

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) February 22nd, 2009

I find underwire bras so ridiculously uncomfortable I can hardly stand to wear them, yet I’ve never been able to find a decent fitting one without it. Ladies, do you have any suggestions a nice bra without underwire?

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You may have luck w/ this site

Personally, I do wear an underwire in the Fantasie brand (from the UK). However, I think you would be able to find what you are looking for on this site. Their customer service is great and I have found them very helpful.

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Try a brand called warners. I love them and they have some without underwire.

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I’m so glad that you asked this question! I have a real hard time finding a comfortable bra for just the same reason. I also hate padded bras. Combine the two and it’s almost impossible for me to find a comfortable bra. I’ll be following this thread for sure.

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Sadly I’ve never seen a good bra without underwire either. :(

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Depends on how much “loft” you need to keep things up. ;) However, I’ve had decent results with Decent Exposures, and they’re socially responsible as well. They don’t provide the kind of “twin peak” action that you can hang a tassel on, but they do manage my ladies quite nicely.

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I wear sports bras almost exclusively and none of mine have underwires (and nothing jiggles uncomfortably, either).

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Sports bras are really sweet… I have very few non-sports bras; they come in all shapes and sizes (by which I mean cuts, I suppose) and can look good as well as fulfilling support roles etc.

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I’ve ordered all of my bras for years & years from The Hanes brands are great. Personally, I wear wires & their brand is very comfortable. I also can’t stand ANY kind of padding. This site has many choices.

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Sports bras are great.. unless you are a little more gifted and end up with a uni-boob. I therefore, only have one sports bra. Great for running, riding, and smashing the girls down to fit into a button-down top, but otherwise useless in my wardrobe.

There are a few comfortable underwires out there though, depending on where you shop and your tastes. My current favorite bra is a Vanity Fair bra which has underwire but is completely comfortable (I bought it on a discontinued clearance for about 1/6 of its retail price). There is also, always, Victoria’s Secret (if you can afford it). I can only buy from there when they have the semi-annual sales, but they have a lot of non-wire varieties and they tend to ‘last’ a bit longer than most other brands.

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Depending on how big you are, I recommend Cacique bras, available at Lane Bryant. They are designed for us big busted girls, who aren’t size 8. I wear this type. No wire, and as an added bonus, cotton!

Edited to add: Still, by the end of the day my “bra alarm” is screaming, and I ditch it as soon as possible :)

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Yes, there is such a thing as a good bra without underwire if you have little boobs like I do! I wear the Victoria’s Secret T-Shirt bra.

Then again, I don’t wear bras for the support.
I wear them so my nipples don’t show.
And I wish it was socially acceptable to show nipple through shirt because I think it is the cutest thing ever.
If it were socially acceptable to look like that, I would never wear a bra ever.

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@augustlan I too shop at Cacique. The bras I have from there have a roll of fabric rather than an actual wire, which I really like. I find that it’s just a matter of time before the wire works its way out and is poking in the armpit.

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Grr. I hate when that happens.

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GS: If that is you in the red shirt or either of the ladies in your avatar, I whole hardily encourage you to go with the t-shirt/sportsbra idea!!!! But I wish to reiterate….I firmly believe that looks don’t make any different. The cute little bodies may be nice to look at. But they may fall into the catagory of: may be nice to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there. Old perv in the NW

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@Cardinal: I am so confused. What is the t-shirt/sportsbra idea? And wouldn’t that be the most non-revealing combination possible?

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I also wear Cacique from Lane Bryant

I recommend too… the have an exhaustive selection, lots of photos, videos, customer reviews and fitter’s notes to help you find just what you are looking for.

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