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What are three steps to end a bad date early?

Asked by kelly8906 (340points) February 22nd, 2009

I have to write an essay on “how to end a bad date early.” It’s a process analysis essay, so it has to be written step by step. Does anyone know three steps you can take to end a bad date early? I’m struggling to write this!!

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1. Come up with excuse for why you need to leave.
2. Explain the reason to your date.
3. Say goodbye?

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1. Always have your own way home.
2. Locate your server.
3. “Check please.”

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I once ended a date by telling the woman “Look, I’ll be honest with you. We can go on to dinner but you should know that all the while I’ll be thinking “When is this gonna be over?”. Now if you want to go under those circumstances, I GLADLY will. Do you still want to go?

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haha, did she still go? I hope not :)

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Truth? No, she didn’t. And after she left (we came in separate cars), I went in and ate by myself! True story!

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that’s funny. Aww, but poor girl.

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Hey! I should spend good money on a date that would never have another just to be a gentleman? Not me. :)

But she SO WELL deserved it. Believe me.

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1) “Im married.”
2) “I just got out of prison.”
3) “Do you know the good word of the Lord Jesus Christ?”

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1. Mention in an off-hand way that you were sick a few days ago and are still recuperating.
2. Several minutes later start rubbing your forehead/tummy and sigh a few times, with each one heavier and longer than the one before.
3. Say that you are starting to not feel well and think it would be better to go home and rest so you don’t get sick again.

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1. Suggest intercourse
2. Announce you have an STD
3. Idolize Chris Brown for beating Rihanna

:) *females prospective

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1. Go to the bathroom.
2. Stay there a long time.
3. Come out and say “I almost wasn’t coming tonight because I was sick for the last three days. Now I just threw up again. I have to go home. Would you mind? You don’t have to drive me. I’ll take a cab.

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haha, thanks for the ideas.

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1. Bear mace.
2. Bear mace.
3. Bear mace.

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Step one: cut a hole in a box
Step two: put your junk in that box
Step three: let her open the box

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Step one: Say “did you happen to notice that I am on the sex registry?”
No need for steps 2 and 3.

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Wonderful answers above. Thanks for the laugh!!

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1. Tell him you are totally crazy about children.

2. Tell him you think Nadya is a modern-day saint.

3. Tell him you are taking fertility drugs.

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The two choices presented so far are either to explain it logically that the date will be bad or to blame it on your body by vomitting or pooping your pants or such. How about a third way, outside influence, for example faking receiving a cell phone call of disasterous news so you have to leave & contend with the disaster? How about a fourth way, be rude, sneak out, & disappear? Most ways seem based on theatrics, where you have to act out either a logical speech or a foul body function. Why act? Be honest, say you have to leave, & walk out. If they ask why, tell ‘em why honestly, rather than concocting a conversation to get your freedom.

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I have someone call at a predetermined time, I answer with “Hello, this is Dr Bill” they ask how it is going.

If I want out, I say something like “Yes, I’ll be right there”

If I want to stay, I say “take [insert medicine] and call me in the morning.”

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Pretty strange assignment, if you ask me. Unless somebody is completely out of control or has totally objectionable hygiene or something, why not go through with the date to the earliest reasonable conclusion and then just not make another one? You can still finish the movie, dinner, whatever. No need to shoot someone down completely.

But if you must, there’s also the wild and radical possibility of gentle honesty instead of elaborate lies, which double the insult because unless they are completely credible your date knows you are lying and yet must play along in order not to be a boor back when you are being a boor:
“I’m sorry. I’ve enjoyed meeting you, but I don’t really think this is going to go anywhere. How about if we say good-night now?”

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