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Any ideas for a group theme?

Asked by aisyna (963points) February 23rd, 2009

At my school we are having a senior field day and we have to be in Teams and come up with a team Theme. So does anybody have any creative ideas? We want something original that no one will think of. But the costumes we make have to be something that we can move around in (and school appropriate) not to expensive and something that could be done in a week. (The school didn’t give us a lot of time to prepare). And there is probably going to be around 5 to 8 people in our group

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Stormtroopers from Star Wars!

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sexy school girls? maybe

go as LOLCats.

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Go as the Buffalo Bills and just walk around choking each other.

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Future Professionals
You can dress up in a costume related to a field you hope to be a part of.

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go as Dr. J from Fluther!!!

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You could always go as ‘Greek Philosophers’ where you can wear togas around the campus, and then cite existentialist theory at everyone you meet.

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@augustlan- i like the storm trooper idea but i dont think we have the time or money (and i dont think we will be able to move as much as we would need to)

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@Artem- Thats an AMAZING idea because we are reading the strangers and talking about existentialist theory in English classes

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A chess set (half of you wear all white and half of you wear all black)

Doctors (white coats)

Nurses (scrubs and running shoes or crocs)

Sports Heros (whatever sport uniforms you have among you)

Action Heros (dress like Indiana Jones or whatever action heros you like)

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the pussycat dolls. that way, if you have both guys and girls in your group, you’re covered.

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@aisyna I was thinking just wear all white clothes, with black accents for the stormtroopers.

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@augustlan then they’ll think she’s a Scientologist! or something…

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The faculty
Dress as your favorite teachers and talk like them.

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@elijahsuicide that could get you in serious trouble if the teacher isn’t cool

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@eponymoushipster and @elijahsuicide- our teachers would be OK with it but we would all fight over the same one

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I like the nurses idea. It would be really distinct and stand out as a group as a whole if everyone wore scrubs.

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Nah you can’t get in trouble, especially if you never actually admit that’s what your doing. If you have a teacher named Mr. Smith you can wear a nametag that says Mr. S!

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Scrubs would be really comfortable and they come in tons of different colors, too.

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i think people are already going to do the DR. idea, i have seen people do it at other events the school has had

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yeah, hehehe high school girls and nurses yeah….slowly..hehehhe

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Where’s Waldo…that could be easy and alot of fun.

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@miasmom- I like that also

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Hippie 60’s or big hair and fucia 80’s

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How about the Heaven’s Gate family? Or maybe the Oompa Loompas.

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Spartans from “300.”

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@kevbo haha that’s a good one!

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@kevbo- i dont think i can make that school appropriate

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you could be the ‘lucky charms’, and just make t shirts with whatever marshmallow from the cereal you wanted to be…

id be the pot of gold :)

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Pirates! Arrrrrg!!!

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Well, the music should be from the Adams Family….

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Depending on how you define “something you can move around in,” you could each come as a different kind of technology. Or maybe a different kind of cell phone. You could do stuff with cardboard, or fixing up some old clothes with buttons and screens and such. It’s probably too much work. Just an idea.

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why not dress as different iPhone apps, and one of you as an iPhone?

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That’s a good idea @eponymoushipster. What would an app look like, if it were a human being? Hell, what would various apps look like? (First tell me what apps exist).

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@daloon no, like the little beveled square app icons, and paint different apps on each one… like say, the Chipotle app, and mail (with a red dot with a white number on it), Google Maps, the Calendar app button, etc. and make the back and sides black.

it’d look sweet. you can get ideas at the iphone page @ apple. there’re tons of examples there….

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Italian Philosophers. You know, Michelangelo, Donatello, Rafael and Leonardo.

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@Foolaholic Technically, those were artists, not philosophers. :P

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Make white egg-shaped helmets and glue big black-framed glasses on them, and go as Mensa members.

Print tons of little bitty dollar bills and glue them all over your clothing, and go as the shrunken dollar.

Print out big corporate logos and attach them to your clothing. Get big foam hands and offer to shake with everybody, grinning widely at all times and slapping people on the back. When they try to figure out what you are, tell them you’re politicians, and you’re wearing the new uniform: just like in NASCAR, the logos represent your corporate sponsors.

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@Sorceren those would have been good, but the kids at my school are to stupid to pick up on that

we decided to all go as famous pieces of art, and our team name is “The Curators” we painted shirts to look like the art pieces we picked and then are going to extend the painting on to our arms

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That sounds like a great idea, aisyna! Have fun.

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