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Organic Green Tea vs Non Organic Green Tea?

Asked by bigbanana (494points) February 24th, 2009

Someone just informed me that non organic green tea is heavily sprayed with pesticides. Does anyone know more about this and/or can recommend a really high quality organic green tea?

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I think you answered your own question, bananahammock.

I love organic green tea :)

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and i love a good bananahammock!

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Gasp, sense of humor! Welcome to Fluther! Get a new avatar, fill out your profile, assure us that you’re not Jack Adams, and we’d love to have you!

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Who is Jack Adams and where does one get the/an/a avitar?

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He was kicked off Fluther for being a poo poo head, but vowed to return to haunt us. They say that if you listen very closely, you can still hear fart noises in the distance.

An avatar is just your picture, change it here. You’re welcome to keep the one you have, but a new one usually means you’re not a spammer :)

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whats a spammer? And this Jack sounds, well, am not jack.

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Is this the Apocalypse?

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The marketing word “organic” is used commonly to designate produce or products which do not use pesticides. The price is higher because the crop yield is lower, and also because people are willing to pay the prices they ask.

The phrase “non organic green tea is heavily sprayed with pesticides” is not really accurate at all. The tea plant, as it’s growing, will likely be treated with pesticides, but to claim “heavily” without providing numbers is at best an oversight and at worst a deliberate weasel word.

You will not directly benefit from consuming organic products over regular products. There are no nutritional differences between organic and non-organic food, and the number of incidents of serious pesticide poisoning are far and few in between.

Drink whatever tea tastes best to you. I recommend the Twinings Gunshot Green Tea.

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I’m not sure about pesticides in tea (that’s why I came here), but I do know that American food is LADEN with pesticides, unless it’s organic. These pesticides, additives, growth hormones and steroids (found in most meats) create very toxic food. That’s a large part of the reason Americans are so fat and so sick. If you don’t believe it, start with the book, “Food Revolution” by Robbins.

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