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Thoughts on Bobby Jindal?

Asked by Mamradpivo (9655points) February 24th, 2009

He seems pretty boring and his intonation is way off. Also, he’s harping on the generations-old “government is bad’ Republican ideas that have led us nowhere quick.

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I completely agree.

He also sounds very phony/cheesy and VERY rehearsed!

I’m a fanatic for OBAMA though, so everyone else pales in comparison…

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I feel like I’m watching a 2:00 AM infomercial for Republicans.
And I laughed at the fact he’s a reformed Buddhist, to Roman Catholic nonetheless.

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He sounds like he’s talking to a bunch of kindergartners. It’s really pissing me off.

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Oh man i just answerd this in the other question. wtf is with his delivery here. Annnnnd then the sheriff said you can come arrest me yourself….

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He sounds very much like a robotic, mindless, Republican mouthpiece. Not impressed.

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I feel like I’ve heard this same speech 1000 times in the last year, every time a Republican is going to lose an election. We all know you don’t like government and you like tax cuts. It’s a shame you guys are so terrible with running government after passing a huge tax cut.

And seriously, TRILlion dollar spending Bill. It sounds like he’s learning to read out loud and is having to practice the words out in his head.

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He sounds like a car salesman. No wait, he sounds like a shitty actor playing a used car salesman.

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The prick wants to run for president in 2012. He said He didn’t want the money from ARRA. But he needs it. He hopes it doesn’t work. Politics before people. He should eat a bag of dicks.

edit: and I should add that LA takes way more than the gives. This is free money to fix those levies.

edit :: double doh.. I just really hate the guy. Thanks.

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@johnpowell. 2012, not 1012. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to send all the Republicans back that far though? :o)

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And really, September 11? WTF does September 11 have to do with the economic stimulus bill?

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I can’t even listen to him anymore. It’s like a bad smuckers jelly commercial. “my daddy ate grape jelly, and now I do too! America needs jelly!”

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I think johnpowell hit it.

Jindal just kicked off his 2012 Presidential campaign.

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I love how the Office always comes on after these things. It’s especially needed after Jindal. Haha.

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I especially liked the story about him being born. Just beautiful. Beautiful.~

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Where can you pick up a bag of dicks at this time of night?

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Carls Jr.

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Boo, johnpowell.

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I really don’t think it would have mattered who spoke though, the opposing side always sounds dull and boring.

I take that back. They should have had Arnold Schwarzenegger speak for the republicans. That would have been interesting.

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No Carl’s in Louisiana. I was thinking maybe there’s a chicken, dicks, & waffles joint down there in the bayou.

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obama’s delivery; perfect
obama’s policies; horrible
jindal’s delivery: horrible
jindal’s policies; perfect

i’ll take good policy over good delivery anytime.

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Um. Ok. Because republicans were doing so well up until now.

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@archer @elijahsuicide Jar of pickles: opened!

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@archer: There is no such thing as a perfect policy. That said, I think Jindal can take his policies and shove them.

Also, did anyone else rage when he mentioned volcano monitoring as frivolous or was that just me?

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I liked how right after that comment he said something about the “eruption” of spending. What a clever little man, huh?

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I thought it was a very weak speech, and I think it only served to marginalize the Republicans more.

I think the “government is bad” argument is simplistic. All of the major economists, including some who advised Reagan, agree that a stimulus plan is necessary at this difficult time. Many feel the one recently passed wasn’t big enough. The government has to step in to get the country going again. The private sector can’t do it effectively because most businesses are cutting back to try to adapt to the fact that people no longer want to or can afford to pay for what they are selling. As more people become employed and money starts flowing again, the private sector can take a more active part.

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Jindal’s demeanor was made of fail.

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The Republicans definitely need someone that is articulate, smart, and savvy to represent them. But, more importantly, they need someone that has the right ideas. While, I wasn’t impressed with Jindal’s speech last night, he has potential.

I voted for Obama and I desperately want him to succeed, because I’m an American and I want my country to get healthy. If Obama’s policies don’t revive the economy after a year or 2, his great speeches will not help him.

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No Idea Who That Is.

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Man you guys are SO conservative…

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@elchoopanebre – the proper fluther protocol is to inset a tilda (~) to denote sarcasm : P

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i don’t like him he fake as ever and he dogging obama out and he made his self look stupid on national tv

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@Archer, you sound foolish. The Repuke policies are so perfect that they FAILED MISERABLY.

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