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If you could have $10million...

Asked by frigate1985 (922points) February 26th, 2009 from iPhone

Okay, I know this is just plain classic and old stuff but I just can’t help but be curious. What would you do if you had 10 million bucks? Without tax of course. Purely 10.

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pay all my family’s bills and buy houses and cars for everyone and uh….world peace :D

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I would buy everyone here a fluther t-shirt!

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Definitely donate some towards medical research, ex., the cure for cancer, aids, pain management, pediatric diseases, etc.

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@Mr_M are you sure? what are you getting for yourself? I think Ill buy a sports car and a boat…

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For myself? Paris Hilton.

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@Mr_M, Paris Hilton is a cheap **** that just happens to be rich, you would still have plenty of money left over for a nice sports car and a great big boat!

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I want a big, BIG! boat…but then 10 million ain’t enough…you know Allen has 2 super boats….but then, he co-founded Microsoft….I saw one of his boats, Tatoosh in New Orleans like 4 days ago staying there for Mardi Gras

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I would donate Half to a charity And give some to my parents, then by a house on the beach thats about it

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We did receive a substantial amount of money a few years ago and we bought a home, car that we needed, paid some bills for our children, helped them with medical issues they didn’t have insurance for, and took a week end off for a vacation. We put the rest away for retirement.
Oh, and I bought myself an iPhone!

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Id buy a nice size stash of some green. Then id give the other 5 million to my mom =P

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I’d buy a house in my old home town. I miss it :(
Put my kids through college.
Donate some.
Live off the rest.

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I’d do about the same thing as @augustlan !

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Perform random acts of anonymous acts of kindness.

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I changed my mind. 1 Sports car, a ticket for Hawaii, and re rest goes to charity…

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Or, I could invest on stock market and make it a 100 million…

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@frigate1985 These days, you’re more likely to lose it all!

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@basp I read that as paid some bills for our chicken, which made me say “Whaaaaaa?” I didn’t think chickens had bills, just beaks.

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@augustlan ill beat the heck out of the stock advisor :)

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