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What would you do if you saw your picture here?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8281points) February 26th, 2009

How would you react if you saw your picture on this website ? Would you ask that your picture be removed, or would it be a wake up call? Would you ever submit a story, true or false, just to be spiteful or get back at someone?

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I’ll just say that I am so glad that I got married way before any site like this was out there.

No, I wouldn’t do it. I’m just not a spiteful person like that.

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They don’t seem to name names, so it all could be made up, or details could be changed. I think that issues of libel and slander would be raised the second that actual names were put up there. Without names, and with that black stripe through the picture, no one knows who anyone is.

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If I ever saw my picture on that website, I’d probably be angry and a little confused too because I’m a very decent guy all the way around. I just can’t see myself as being one of the worst guys that someone is banging that is featured on that site.

Now, if I gave someone a reason to put my picture on that website, then yes, that should be a wake up call to me that I’m a lousy person because of something I did. And since each picture has a brief statement of why they are one of the worst, that just makes the whole experience even more unsettling. I would be inclined to ask to have my picture removed I think. That kind of exposure is certainly unwelcome even if warranted in some twisted way.

Throughout my life, I’ve never been a vindictive person and I would never place someone’s picture on that site and make derisive comments about them. If the person I was with was that bad, I would just leave the relationship and those memories behind forever.

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If I saw my picture there, I’d think it was on the wrong site! I’m a girl!

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Holy shit, that first guy is me…..........just kidding. The only cocks I like fight for money and have razors taped to their feet.

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How do you check if you are on there?

I wouldnt really care, ive done some dirt just like everyone else. Someone just got mad enough to post it on the internet, id just return the favor if anything.

I found my friend on once, to his surprise she picked a pretty good picture of him.

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Another example of why the world is the way it is today. Goes to show that you should live your life in a way that you won’t end up on a site like that.

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I would never post anything on there. I don’t believe in spite or revenge.

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I’m a girl…I probably won’t show up there. On the other hand…I just read the ENTIRE blog and literally laughed out loud for quite awhile. I might be a bit of a bad person for that.

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@adreamofautumn Oh, I laughed, too! I just wouldn’t do it.

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first of all I would ignore it, and hopefully nobody I know ever goes there

my second thought though after reading it is that perhaps there is a point at trying to warn others of perverts, liars etc. As long as it is done honestly, which in 99% of cases it is not.

I am sure that most people just use it out of spite. Most of the things they say are probably lies, just to get back at someone that hurt them by dumping them (and in some cases even got dumped). I would therefore not trust any information there.

My ex wife has been trying to use the media (mainly tv) to defame me in a similar manner. People who don’t know me may believe her. But these are people I’ll never get to meet anyway, and even if they do they’ll probably find out that I’m neither a drug dealer nor a homosexual, nor do I beat people up with my 7-fingered fist and one of my three tails.

I’d never use something like that.

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I would never post a story about anyone on a site like that. Then again, I would never behave like those girls to begin with. Those girls got what they deserved. Most of the stories start like “I met a random dude at a bar, I think his name was Joe. He loves coke and hookers. He lives in his car and smells like shit, he wanted to wear my underwear. I took him home and we fucked. He never called me back. What a loser!”
Um, who’s the loser? If those girls are stupid enough to behave like that, they deserve those types of guys.
I’m sure half of the stuff they say is made up out of spite. There are always two sides to the story. I bet the guy would have plenty to say about her, too.

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i wouldn’t send something there. i think it’s a real bitch move to do something like that honestly. i’m sure there are cases where it’s justified, but for me personally to do it? i don’t think so.

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I would see it more as a wake-up call. I am always interested in what ppl really think of me but they are usually too afraid to say anything.

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