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Is it harmful to go ice skating if you are recovering from an ear infection and bronchitis?

Asked by Aethelwine (42964points) March 2nd, 2009 from iPhone

My 5 year old daughter is recovering from an ear infection and bronchitis. She has been ill for 10 days now and just finished her antibiotics. She still has a runny nose and terrible cough in the morning (no fever).

She has been taking ice skating lessons and this week is preparations for the ice show on Friday and Saturday. Tuesday and Thursday are the dress rehearsals.

My concern is that when she is healthy, she gets a snotty nose on the ice. With her illness added to this, will it be a set back?

I will of course call her doctor if I have any concerns, but I was wondering if anyone here on fluther had any suggestions? Would you keep your child home and miss out on the end of a wonderful learning experience?

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That’s a tough one. I’m guessing it’s an indoor rink. If it was outside I would pass. Indoors would keep her away from the wind so it might be OK. You probably know better than anyone. Hope she gets better soon. I have to add I reread it and it’s the show. I would go if there’s any way possible because she’s worked toward it and it would be a shame to miss that.

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It is indoor. I feel like I should keep her home but I hate for her to miss out on showing her grandparents what she has learned.

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I’d probably keep her away from the rink and do something else special with her instead. It’s a tough call, and there’s no right answer. I just think her health is the most important thing and it sounds like she’s been through the ringer. Is there a way she could show off to her grandparents another time?

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@Likeradar That’s true. There is always next season. The timing sucks, doesn’t it!

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@jonsblond It sure does! Although I still maintain that her health is the priority, I’m wondering who it’s more important to that she performs- you or her? I’m not trying to imply that you’re an ice skating stage mommy at all, but it would maybe make a little difference if performing with her class was soooo important to her.

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@Likeradar She’s a little performer! She loves it. If she realizes that she won’t have skating until October, I’ll never hear the end of it.

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Dunno really, I wanted to play ice hockey when I was a kid, and the problem is working up a sweat while being in the cold, I guess. Wouldn’t be surprised if the ears hurt again that night.

On the other hand, they are little machines….

dunno really, I’d be careful. I vividly remember driving to the rink sick as a dog, feeling all great during the time on the ice, and then feel reeeeally shitty afterwards.

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@TaoSan Thank you. I was hoping to hear from a fellow skater. She has a short practice this evening so we’ll use that as a test to see how she handles the cold before her show on Friday.

Thanks everyone!

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Her immune system is probably down from what it normally is, and the brochitis could flare up again. Plus there’s other kids who will probably be brought to the rink with who knows what communicable disease of the week, therefore infecting others, along with your daughter who isn’t 100% yet. She’s 5. There will be many, many more things in the future to show off to the grandparents. I’d keep her home. Yes, the timing sucks, but you’ll have a daughter that is healthy. There will be other skating performances. Invite the grandparents over for a movie and popcorn and she can snuggle up with them.

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