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I hear that six grapes can kill a dog. True?

Asked by skfinkel (13458points) October 21st, 2007

And if so, why?

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I don’t think so, we used to feed my dog grapes all the time when we had a grapevine and she lived to be 19.

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Grapes can indeed be toxic to dogs; it’s on the list that my vet gives out about items that dogs should not be allowed to eat, along with chocolate and aspirin and pointsetta plants.

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Yes – they can be toxic; a coworkers pet recently had t be treated because he got to some grapes.

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It’s has to be something with processed grapes. I’m in the same boat as omfgTali… we used to feed our dogs grapes (right off the grapevine) for years

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grapes, like onions, garlic, and chocolate CAN be toxic to dogs. the response of the animal to the food varies, just as the response in humans varies to various things which are toxic to us. six grapes killing one dog sounds like an exaggeration to me, but i can’t say for certain. i know that my dog has eaten small amounts of onion and garlic and not suffered any illness. i know another dog that once ate a full pan of brownies and didn’t get sick. and yet i know another dog that got a hershey bar and was quite ill… so it varies a lot. the best thing to do is to try to limit your dog’s diet to dog food. (or, if you want to cook for your dog, try some lean beef, chicken, turkey, carrots, celery, radishes and beets.)

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Science does not know why grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs and it has also been difficult to determine a toxic dose – there seems to be a great deal of variation. But I have seen firsthand a fatal case of raisin toxicity. We had a 45lb dog as a patient that ate a small box of raisins and went into renal failure and died within three days. (Not our only case, but our first fatality.)

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