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On average, how many beeps do you hear a day, i.e., truck backing up, microwave indicating cooking is over?

Asked by nmguy (528points) March 4th, 2009
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Great question. I just got out of bed, so I’m going to spend today counting beeps for you.

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I don’t know the answer, but it’s 8:23am and so far:
Beeps from alarm clock
Beeps from coffee maker
Beeps from oven timer
Beeps from washer & dryer
Beeps from trash truck reverse indicator
Beeps from cell phone msg waiting signal

So far, too many!

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Bleepin’ beepin’!

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Too many. Thousands.

One time I was sitting in a parking lot outside of a mall listening to the beeps as people unlocked their car doors. It was insane. If it were a meteor shower, and every beep represented a falling star, it would be the best meteor shower I ever saw.

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Hmm. My part of the Big Apple is oh so quiet. Maybe I hear four or five beeps a day from various phones or the timer on my oven.

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96 so far. Maybe I missed a few.

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HaHaHa!!!! I’ve got you all beat!

I could NEVER count that high! I’m an Audiologist, and so a large part of my day is spent administering hearing tests—“raise your hand when you hear the beep.” While testing, I hear the tones in order to monitor them. In addition, my office is right by the Handicapped parking lot, where the medical transportation parks, and they have the back-up beeps, plus the car alarm beeps, etc.

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I can’t count all of the beeps I hear, either. We wear GPS tracking devices at work (our man-down devices in case we get jumped by inmates). With all the sensors, it beeps constantly. If you lean too far back in your chair, or push the little button accidently, or tug on the pull cord, then it beeps rapidly as the alarm sounds, and all your coworkers come charging in to rescue you and you hear all their beeps, too.

It only takes one time to learn to disengage the pull cord from your shirt or belt as you go into the restroom. Talk about embarrassing!

We also have pipes that beep on sensors for our cell checks, and pads for pass cards that beep to go through doorways. The metal detectors and wands beep, too. And our radios beep each time you use them as they enable the recorders.

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Someone once made a musical recording of various beeps. It sounded a bit harsh, but familiar.

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