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Do you like country music? What is your impression of it and how would you define it?

Asked by ronski (737points) March 4th, 2009
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Not the new stuff. Patsy Cline, yes. Or alt-country like Neko Case, yes. Frickin’ Keith Urban, Toby Keith, or Rascal Flatts? No thanks.

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hate it
too tired to elaborate

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I love it. I can’t define it, and I intentionally don’t try to.
Aw, I like Toby Keith. His songs are so funny!!

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Like @essieness, I definitely prefer the old stuff. (Today is the anniversary of Patsy Cline’s death, by the way.) But I do like some of the new stuff, too. Country music is all I was allowed to listen to until I was 12 or 13 years old, so it’s what I was used to before I branched out, and even if I don’t listen to it for a while, I always seem to come back.

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Old skool country music is way too depressing. I prefer playing that stuff backwards. That way your dog comes back, your wife comes back…

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I love it. It’s a guilty pleasure. In defense, I turn to the brilliant Stanley Fish:

Every time I return to it after an absence, I am struck again by the power and integrity of country music. In part it is the lyrics, self-consciously clever (“If I said you have a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?”), alert to and accepting of contradictions (“She’s a Saturday night out on the town/Church on Sunday girl”), precise in their observation of small detail (“She left the suds in the bucket and the clothes hanging out on the line”). In part it is the structuring of a narrative (usually unabashedly maudlin) by a line that gradually changes meaning, as when George Jones sings, “He stopped loving her today”, and reveals in the last verse that he has stopped only because he is dead. In part it is the affirmation and exploration of a raunchy Christianity that holds drinking, cheating, criminality and Jesus in a volatile and energising mix. In part it is the extraordinary musicianship of pianists, fiddlers and guitarists who bear comparison to members of any symphony orchestra. And most of all it is the fact that when I’m in the car searching for something to listen to, the sound of country music, even in just a few notes, is unmistakable. Country music knows what it is.

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I like it because my best friend likes it. She listens to it all the time and eventually she corrupted me.

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I grew up listening to country music. Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, George Jones nikipedia, excellent reference!…even Conway Twitty. I love Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and even some of the new stuff.

I find that it’s comforting to me, especially the older stuff. I think of Sunday’s in the car, driving around with my dad, listening to the music. It brings back great memories. He pretty much listened to country, oldies and some southern rock.

It’s good storytelling music.

There are very few types of music that I do not like, good music is good music – no matter what the genre is…at least that’s my opinion.

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When life goes down the toilet, there’s nothing like country music.

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I love country music. I can see why people hate it and yes, some of it is stupid, but it’s good fun and I simply like the sound of it in my ears. The tunes are simple and easy to follow, the harmonies are always properly resolved, and the actual instruments all sound good and people playing are usually very good at what they do. Singers often vary, and some of the voices are better than others, but I have never heard anything really horrible yet.

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Some of the new stuff is getting worse.. but you can usually count on country music to have some decent lyrics.. a real story.. something of value. For that reason alone I enjoy it from time to time.

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I grew up listening to country music. I do like it. Lots of people I know refer to me as “hey emo kid” and I once explained that country music was the original emo music haha. However, I listen to country music particularly if i’m a. out driving and want to listen to something that’s upbeat and fun or b. if the “emo” music that I normally listen to is too depressing and I need something with the type of lyrics that inspire. There’s just something about it…yes the depressing songs are still depressing, but lots of the songs are wonderful lyrically. At least in my opinion.

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Country and Old Rock/Rockabilly are all I listen to. Yes, some of the new stuff (like Rascal Craps, Trace Asskins, etc.) is horrible, but I just don’t listen to the artists I don’t like. Old country will always have my heart – there’s nothing like a good Hank Williams or George Jones song – but I also grew up listening to the ‘new’ stuff (like Brad Paisley – love!).

Basically, Country music brings up real life, real emotions, and can apply to almost anyperson’s life. I hate the stereotype that all of country music is depressing, because it isn’t. Yes, heartache is popular to sing about because of the emotions it brings about, but there are also humorous and happy country songs (ex. White Lightning – old, My Hallelujah Song – new).

On a side note – George Strait is the one man I would leave my fiance for if possible (and my fiance knows it!)... and I am finally going to one of his concerts in July. Eek!

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@dlm812 – George Strait still looks good!

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@cak Oh, he only gets better with age!

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@dlm812—You’re definitely going to like that show! He’s good live. :D

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I like country. I like the entirety of it’s evolution. There are a lot of great stories and funny songs out there in country songs. She’s got the rhythm and I got the blues is a good example.

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I really despise country music
the new country is the absolute worst
I kinda like the old stuff though, George Jones, Patsy Cline etc.
I don’t like rap either, unless its old school and has meaning
other than that I like to think I can appreciate most other kinds of music

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I like country. My grandfather listened to a lot of George Jones, Faron Young, Porter Wagoner, Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell and the serious country stuff from back in the day, and my guardian liked the country-politan stuff in the 70s, so I heard a lot of Mac Davis, Barbara Mandrell, Dolly Parton and Glen Campbell. Damn, but Glen can pick, y’all!

It’s not my favorite type of music (I prefer indie rock), but I have a healthy regard for it and there’s a lot of good artists int the genre from the old days. I’m not too keen on the country music of today. Bluegrass is good, though.

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awesome answer, nikipedia!

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@patg7590 You and I have similar opinions. The newer rap is just… icky. Not the alternative rap (N.E.R.D., Aesop Rock, and so on), but this Lil’ Wayne s**t… really? REALLY?

@MacBean I didn’t know it was the anniversary of her death. I will have to play some tunes in her honor. A day late now, but oh well.

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Neko Case is GREAT. Folksy stuff is enjoyable too like John Fahey and M. Ward. Old school is good too…yay Wanda Jackson!

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i don’t know how to define country. i like some older country music, but i don’t listen to it extensively. and i like music that has obvious country influences. but then again i like just about any type of music haha.

i’m really into ben kweller, and he has – especially on his new cd, changing horses – really obvious country influence, but i wouldn’t really define him as a country singer. jenny lewis/rilo kiley, conor oberst, etc. you can hear the country inspiration in their music, but it’s not straight up hank williams – but emmylou harris did sing a few songs with conor on i’m wide awake, it’s morning.

also, i really must elaborate on the fact that i really dislike most new country music. i grew up on it, and aside from the dixie chicks and shania twain, i think the majority of it is really just generic crap.

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@paradesgoby Have you picked up her new album. Good stuff.

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