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Wearing aviators while sailing?

Asked by Unit134679 (96points) March 5th, 2009

I am on a sailing team (racing) and just bought some polarized aviators. What is the best way to secure them if I fall out of the boat? I was thinking of using a strap, but the plastic straps I seen seem impossible to remove. I don’t want
“permanent” straps.

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Do they still make Croakies? Those were cloth straps with rubbery ends that wrapped over the arms of the glasses, then there was an adjustment so you could tighten them while you wore them, and loosen it to use as a neckstrap when you took them off.

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westmarine sells about 5 kinds of croakies. i like the ones that are made out of a strip of what looks like thin wetsuit material. there’s probably an actual name for it.

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@gregc: Wetsuit material is called neoprene. :-)

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I am excited by this question and wait in baited breathless breathmints anticipation for the next comment…

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