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Advice on learning to sail?

Asked by derekpcollins (281points) December 27th, 2008

I realize that nothing can replace direct experience and my Aunt and Uncle, both very experienced sailors, can give me that, but in lieu of direct experience, can anyone recommend any books/resources that would be good for someone interested in learning to sail?

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It’s really just one of those things you have to actually do to learn. You can read everything there is to read and then get on the boat and have no idea what you are doing.

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@jessturtle23: What about just getting introduced to nautical terms or getting started with certain knots? I would think getting familiar with nautical terms would be helpful before I’m on the boat? Do you think so?

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Yeah, I guess that would help.How big is the boat you are going to learn on Derek?

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Oops, I responded with my wife’s account not realizing she was logged in!

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I believe their boat now (they’ve owned several) is smaller—around 25’.

I currently live in Arizona and they live in Texas on the Gulf, so this is all just a dream at the moment and the reason for my question.

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Sailing is fun. I have a 22’ Oday which I call a Slowday that has a cabin but is a beginners boat and we usually sail Nacras and Hobies which are fun as hell and awesome to learn on. If they flip you can easily get them back over. Have fun when you go down there but everyone does things differently so what you may read about may not hold true. Amazon has some books to the right of this post——-> Try to find one that about sailing in the area you plan to visit.

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Are you near a lake with a sailing club? I know that here, the sailing club members are always looking for people to crew for them, and you can pick up experience that way. Usually they want a regular commitment.

Here’s the link to the Arizona Yacht Club, which lists sailing locations in AZ, and classes.

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I’m glad you asked this, I’m actually rebuilding an old Y Flyer right now and was going to ask a very similar question!

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there’s a great old book called Royce’s illustrated that is less of a how-to (but has lots of how-to in it), and more of an encyclopedia of sailing. great companion guide to learning to sail – but there’s no substitute for boat time.

i would try a local small-boat/dinghy sailing club or school.

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