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After surgically removing 3 wisdom teeth, how should i go about eating?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) March 8th, 2009

They told me not to eat HOT foods, or else i’ll bleed, but when exactly do i stop not eating hot foods?

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Apple sauce! Milk shakes! Mashed potatoes! Mmmmm…

When they feel back to normal you can eat hot food. But probably start with some warm food, just to be safe.

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Do not suck anything from straws. You could remove the blood clot and get a dry socket. OUCH!!

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Very soft, cool foods, with a spoon, or just slowly drank through a cup. When mine were removed, i lived the first two days by drinking Carnation Instant Breakfast. I had mine removed two at a time, so I’d at least be able to chew on one side after a couple days.

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Stay away from anything crunchy.
If you smoke, don’t. Dry socket is on the short list of “Things That Could Convince You Hell Might Really Exist.”

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try yoghurt, ice cream, soup… nothing that you need to bite on because, well, you cant. Cold foods relieve the swelling. DO NOT EAT PASTA, it may look soft enough for you to chew on, but you cant.
Also, a good tip for your wounds to heal faster is mixing hot water and salt and rinse as if you were using Listerine. That does wonders!!

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Malts, eat it with a spoon. They are cold (numbing) and they are filling, so you don’t feel hungry.

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Another reason you can’t eat hot food is that, until the anesthetic wears off, you might put food that is EXTREMELY hot in your mouth and not feel it. You could burn your mouth.

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No hot food for 24 hours. Then it’s soft food until you heal.

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Do NOT use straws.
Room temperature foods. Yes, you have to let hot things cool down.
Soft or smooth substances. I practically lived on chocolate and vanilla pudding.
Nothing too crunchy like chips. It could get stuck near a suture.

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You don’t want to eat anything to hot, especially for the first 24 hours, you can eat soup, but make sure it’s lukewarm.
I got a dry socket, from the moment I woke up they knew I would get it so I had to go back every other day for treatment for it. It took about three weeks of that for me to not be in severe pain.

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I had all four of mine removed surgically a number of years ago. They say the important thing is to not smoke or drink through a straw since you might get a dry socket which is extremely painful.

I had mine done just a couple of days before thanksgiving and was able to eat stuffing and mashed potatoes for dinner.

After the first couple of days I didnt worry about the hot food anymore and I was fine.

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The good news is that after about 5 days, you’ll feel pretty normal.

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