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If my wisdom tooth hurts while coming out, does that mean that I will definitely need an extraction?

Asked by Ludy (1501points) October 2nd, 2010

My tooth is been hurting for short periods of time during this past years but last week it really scare me that besides the pain this time my cheek was a little swollen and I could not open my mouth but just like 1 centimeter, could this means that my tooth will need to be removed or is that part of the crowning process, or what??? :)

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well the most common reason people get there wisdom teeth removed is because there is no room in your mouth for them, so them growing in would hurt really really bad…
And has your dentist say you have wisdom teeth coming in?... if not and if they havent already, it could be your second molars growing in

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Swollen jaws and extreme pain can be a sign of an abscessed tooth, which can potentially be a very serious emergency. You need to make a dentist appointment, ASAP.

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My bottom wisdom teeth were a bitch coming in. They hurt all the time and I got pretty severe head aches. I’m petrified of the dentist so I just let them come in. I had room and they grew in fine, luckily. Pain doesn’t necessarily mean that they will have to come out but if you’re worried about it, then you should see a dentist and get his/her opinion.

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If you have swelling and can’t open your mouth, you need to see a dentist ASAP. Take some ibuprofen and apply ice to the outside to give you some relief.

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Mine hurt when they were coming in. My gums were very sore and every now and then I would have stronger pains which felt more like moments of throbbing. I asked my dentist if I needed to have them taken out and he said yes.

A year later they stopped hurting and they haven’t effected my other teeth. Now my dentist says that I don’t need to, but it wouldn’t hurt… hah! I think it would (literally)

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The younger you are when you have them out, the better it goes for you. I resisted for a long time – 20 years from when they came in – because I thought, “Oh, they’re fine, enough room, no reason to have them out.” But after you get a couple cavities back there, back behind where you can reach with a brush, and realize that they’re only going to be problematic for the rest of your life, it can change the attitude fast. I’ve heard of elders needing to go to the hospital to get them out. I’m glad I didn’t wait that long!

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well the swelling i gone it lasted like 2 days and i can now open and close my mouth more easy and ther is no more pain so my question was more of wanting to avoid the denstist as long as i could but i guess I’ll have to be a grown up and do it :( thank you guys!!! anyway i feel more relaxed after reading this :)

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I can only talk for my self here, i did not have them extracted. basically because im a chicken and rather have a knife fight with a gang of maniacs than go to the dentist. i dont fear the pain, just the lack of control.

when my wisdom teeth came through the pain was amazing. my back teeth shattered under the pressure because there was no room, they got infected or something and hurt for about two weeks. so much so that it made me crawl up in to a ball in my bed, where i was reduced to a kind of helpless child that wanted its mother.

if you have no fear of the lack of control you experience at the dentist, have them removed if you need it. the pain of having them removed will be nothing compared to if you just ignore it and let them come through.

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Wisdom teeth sometimes don’t grow up and out to the surface of the gum, but they grow toward the front of the mouth, pushing against the back teeth. It’s called ‘Impacted wisdom teeth’.

It’s quite common,but it also means that no matter how long you let them develop back there, they are not going to surface, only push the back teeth, causing pain, absesses and even pushing your teeth crooked. Have you had them x rayed?

I had three impacted wisdom teeth and went to an oral surgeon in the US when I was… 19, I think.. and still under my parent’s insurance policy. I took the Friday off work, which was the day of my surgery. My mom looked after me that weekend. The prescribed pain pills made me sick, so all I had was over the counter stuff. It was uncomfortable and sore.. but I was back at work on Monday.

If you haven’t had them x rayed yet, do so, or you might be putting yourself through pointless pain and doing more damage to your other teeth.

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they probably hurt because there isn’t room for them. Go get an xray, they’ll tell you if they need to come out.

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I can feel the corners of the the tooth now, and yes i am a chicken too and because of the lack of control and the pain, I think that every time the tooth grows out a little that’s when it hurts me, and thank God the infection went away on its own :)

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And BTW it is true what you said but nobody believed me, i put freezies and it made the gum numb or something and i really liked that caused i didn’t want to be taking so much pain killers Thanks @BarnacleBill !

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I believe it is normal for some people and some others feel nothing. Best thing to do is see a dentist to make sure it is coming in right. Sometimes they can come in wrong because of over crowding. In my daughters case, she had 6 wisdom teeth and no room for even 4 so she had to have them all removed before growing in.
(Yes, I was surprised to learn that some people have 6)

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