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Add yourself to your Fluther?

Asked by bluedoggiant (648points) March 9th, 2009

I thought this was pretty hysterical

I went to go click the link” Add yourself to your Fluther”

and it came up with a page on Narcissism from wikipedia

i must say, nice one fluther admins, that got a good laugh out of me!

but i must ask…why?

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Add Bluedoggiant to your fluther. He needs lurve

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Because we all love ourselves in some way or another and for some, probably a bit too much depending on how lonely they are.

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Because jellyfish are far more witty than you imagined.

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yes..why not? :P
why thank you seventh! lol

@Bluefreedom : are you saying the more lonely you are, the more you love yourself? I find my self somewhat lonely, and not really “loving” myself overly.

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@bluedoggiant – Well, try it when you’re in the shower and see what happens! You never know…!

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I think the misconception is that if we love ourselves we become narcissistic but the incidence of true narcissism is extreme and a real clinical psychological disorder…if anybody listens to Howard Stern there was a perfect example… A woman called 911 and insisted that she was being unfairly treated and needed a police officer. It turns out she was on the drive thru and refused to move until she got her special burger and they just wanted her to pull up and they would bring ot out to her because it was being made to order. Now THAT IS TRUE NARCISSISM. To imagine the police should be sent out so you can get your burger.

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I knew I liked the Fluther Administrators! (I just tried it on myself – too funny!)

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I like how fluther’s site is so friendly, alot like a service i used a couple years ago before facebook,

their site was like “talking” to you, lots of humor built in, alot like fluther. :)

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@SeventhSense love your avatar!

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@bluedoggiant. No, that’s not exactly what I meant being that I was just aiming for a generalization of sorts. It seems that @aprilsimnel summed it up nicely. :-)

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Thank you Chyna…I change avatars like socks, but he is a cute puppy so I might stick with him a bit. I’m always intrigued by the amount of transferrence, projections, imaginations etc. that we assign to avatars. Like I am always finding out someone is a guy who I thought was a girl and vice versa.

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Just another fun feature here. You really don’t want to be that self serving to be in your own fluther!

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@chyna funny, i was just telling him how his old one was used on another forum by someone else :P

@aprilsimnel giggles alot

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@bluedoggiant i don’t remember what his old one was.

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A cat with a melon hat, before that-me as the Hulk, and before that- a painting of Buddha under the Bodhi tree…which few people could see..

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@bluedoggiantI’m so sorry. I had no idea that you’re 13 until I saw it just a moment ago on another thread. I won’t make any jokes like that again. Not directed at you, anyway.

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hahahahahaha its nnooo big deal at all :) funny that my friends and i make those jokes at school as well. So don’t worry about anything, your safe :)

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I may have been squelched by the Flutherite Mods..Just tried to raise an open question on age…Could I have ruffled the lawyers?

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@SeventhSense way to go. You haven’t even been here 2 weeks and already getting squelched by mods :)

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I think I am a Mod’s Nightmare…Well of course I know about the Fluther Matrix…they are still sending agents..

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@bluedoggiant – Now try thanking yourself click on the “Thank yourself button under your quip” on this Q.

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haha… soo creative :P

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