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Swiss Folk - German Folk - French Folk Can you name some interesting names?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1423points) March 11th, 2009

Can you name some interesting, exceptional, agreeable Names: arists / collaborations / albums / subgenres… ?c

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Jacques Brel (sings also in Dutch), Yves Montand. Patachou, Georges Brassens, Juliette Greco, Yvette Guilbert. Piaf (yawn). I have wonderful old vinyls of them singing.

Here’s a list of more traditional, regional and pure French singers.

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Slightly newer french chanteuse – Carla Bruni. I realize she’s a supermodel and the first lady of France, but Quelqu’un m’a dit was wonderful.

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Edith Piaf is wonderful, regardless of what @gailcalled said. I was in a production of Ionesco’s Rhinoceros which featured a number of Piaf tunes for transitions and whatnot, and it was brilliant.

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@TitsMcGhee @zephyr826 @gailcalled Why thank you, mates.. I agree aout Carla bruni and Edith.. I think Bruni is rather ‘appropriate’ in the genre she presented herself in.. Piaf is historical, she’s marked an indelible sign in her genre, whether appreciated by some or not, (de gustibus non disputandum est = Taste is relative), I personally like her sweet little voice, but I’m not fond of the genre in general.
Thanks for the links.. cheers all… X )

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I loved Piaf when I was young and bought all her records on vinyl. Some of her songs have been overplayed. And there IS no accounting for the taste of others. Personally, I never found her voice sweet but gravelly, big and deep.

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Yeah, exactly that ” sweet little voice” was ironic.. !

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I blame everything on my rotten head cold and sore throat.

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ahhah XD .. ahw..well get rid of that mind-clogging illness with a good ginger and mint tea!
best of luck..

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@Anatelostaxus:Good advice except that after finally hauling my aching body to Doc’s yesterday, I confirmed my own diagnosis of strep throat. None of the palliatives work; not honey and lemon, not cough drops, not warm water and salt gargle, not green tea.

Thank heavens for amoxicillin. This is the worst sore throat I ever remember having.

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@gailcalled I’ve had streptococcus..blablabla as well..horrible. I can’t recall what I did to ease it _ perhaps just wallowed in pain untill it died out.. BUt with some good folk music in the background! XD… hehe.. anyhow, good luck, mate..

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@Anatelostaxus: I am taking an antibiotic, which is helping with the throat but am still having achy eyes and sneezing fits. My old mother is in rehab for a broken wrist and I can’t afford the time to wallow.

Plus, it is exhausting and the antibiotic will make me unable to spread the strep bacteria after Sunday AM.

And my ears ache too much for music.

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