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Remove scratches on my macbook pro aluminum case?

Asked by LongJnSilver (27points) March 14th, 2009

scratch on macbook pro aluminum case

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maybe use the same stuff you would polish scratches fro a car with?

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I wouldn’t use polish since it is a matte finish. If the scratch isn’t too major, your best bet is probably to leave it alone. You may ruin the surrounding area if you attempt to buff it out.

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Sticker over it! Solves your issue of the scratch and show others what you’re passionate about.

For what it’s worth… I’m terribly sorry about your bruise :-(

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I’ve had the same problem with my macs…. first the G4 powerbook… now the macbook pro… i haven’t heard of anything that will wemove the scratches but will keep searching and post back.

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Hi, All. Thanx for the replies. I worked on the scratch using techinques learned in rebuilding antique pipes, BUT… although 1/2 the scratch disappeared, the deeper half still mocks me.
I’ve ordered a spare lid (with Apple logo) from the States. It’s used, but pristine and was “only” $129. Yep, the $53.00 shipping kills me, but…. I WANT MY BABY-BOTTOMED LID BACK! When I’ve got it on, I’m gonna put a snap-on cover. This aluminum is just too soft to be able to keep pristine. I wish Apple had hardened the surface!
Live ‘n learn,

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The pre unibody macs did seem a lot tougher but have had my unibody mac for a week now and it is properly scratched up on the lid.

Look like a spare lid is the way to go.

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