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What are some of the world's largest?

Asked by ponderinarf (204points) March 14th, 2009

Fill in a real response: “The world’s largest _____” AND post a link, vid, or comment with it.

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The world’s largest douche.

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a big “willy” in chicago, formerly, the sears tower. a couple of rich dudes from great Britain bought three floors of the 110-story structure and made sears tower sign on the dotted line to now call it “willis tower.”

what chew talkin’ about willis?

sorry, no “fill in” or “vid.” you know what sears tower looks like.

but chicgao is not happy with that new title…

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@Blondesjon nuh-uh!
Everybody knows that the biggest douche in the universe is John Edward.

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TheSiberian Tiger is the largest existing cat in nature growing to nearly 11 feet in length and 660 pounds. It is highly endangered and there are an estimated 400–500 in the wild.
National Geographic

Hercules a liger (a hybrid species cross between a tiger and a lion) is the largest cat on earth weighing 900 pounds but not naturally ocurring. The liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a tigress (not to be confused with a tigon). It is the largest of all cats and extant felines. A tigon or tigron is a hybrid cross between a male tiger and a female lion (lioness).

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The world’s largest building (by volume) – Boeing Everett Plant

The world’s largest airplane – the Russian An-225 Mriya

The world’s largest monolith – Uluru or Ayers Rock

The world’s largest entertainment robot – Robosaurus

The world’s largest truck – Liebherr T 282B

The world’s largest helicopter – the Russian Mi-12

The world’s largest ship – The Happy Giant

The world’s largest waterfalls – Iguazu Falls, Brazil

The world’s largest swimming pool off the coast of Chile.

The world’s largest aquarium – Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia

The world’s largest nuclear power plant – Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power station in Japan.

I’d like to list more but I don’t have time. I have to go to work!

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You don’t have time? Really? Judging by the list I’d think that wasn’t a problem. :-p

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@asmonet. I ran out of time is what I really meant. Whoops. =)

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@augustlan. Nice answer. =)

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